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Sixty-Year Cycle of Rebirth

Chinese Astrology Fire Rat

Chinese Astrology Personality Horoscope for Fire Heavenly Stem and Rat Earthly Branch of the Sixty-Year Cycle of energy Rebirth Calendar.

Whatever you do, don't threaten the well being of a Rat person's family. People born under the Chinese Zodiac sign of the Rat are very protective and caring for the ones they love. Family is the number one priority to a Rat, and a Rat person will do absolutely anything to keep his or her family safe and happy. Rats are wonderful caring people, but they will not care about you one bit if you go against their goals for a happy and healthy family.

Rats are nurturers, and they are usually quite popular. Since Rats enjoy doing domestic chores, and keeping a safe and warm household gives them a feeling of fulfillment, they make excellent homemakers. Rats always make sure a warm dinner is on the table, the house is kept clean, and the children are safe.

Even though many Rats like to stay at home, they have many talents that make them shine in the workforce. Rats are very intelligent and clever, and are often able to see solutions to problems that others miss. They also have a rather unique ability to sense when danger is coming, so they are able to avert or escape disaster.

People born as Rats according to the Chinese horoscope are amazing at handling money.

Even when the household budget is very small, Rats can accommodate a large family comfortably, so that no one feels the pinch. This talent is extremely useful, and Rats rarely go into debt or have any money issues. This is one reason why Rats make excellent accountants.

Rats can be quite edgy and anxious. They often take all the responsibility for the family upon their own shoulders, and forget that they have a partner to help! This can lead to burnout, and Rats are advised to take breaks once in awhile!

When a person born under the Chinese sign of the Rat is affected by the Element of Fire, they become quite extroverted. Fire Rats crave adventure, so where other Rats prefer to put down roots in a home, Fire Rats prefer to travel and change houses quite a bit! Fire Rats shun routines and thrive on novelty, because it keeps their sharp minds stimulated. Although the constant change can aggravate a Rat's natural anxiety, a Fire Rat simply has too much enthusiasm for life to let it get him or her down.

Fire Rats have less self-control than other Rats do, and may not be able to resist good deals and big sales. As a result, a Fire Rat's finances may not be in as good a shape as other Rat's, but he or she is still capable of giving great financial advice. The problem is, he or she has problems following that advice himself or herself! Fire Rats have many friends and can be the life of the party, because they are always willing to try and discover new things. They can inspire others to try new things as well.

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Sonam 2015-07-04 17:19:06
I am Fire Rat. Above article corresponds with me.

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