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Chinese Astrology Metal Dragon

Chinese Astrology Personality Horoscope for Metal Heavenly Stem and Dragon Earthly Branch of the Sixty-Year Cycle of energy Rebirth Calendar.

People born under the Chinese horoscope sign of the Dragon have long been greatly envied in China. To be born under this Zodiac sign is an omen of great power, creativity, and individuality. From a young age, Dragon people blaze their own paths, operating on an instinct that usually serves them very well. A Dragon plunges in without looking back, and although this can sometimes result in a fall, the Dragon usually succeeds because he or she is always bright, talented, and willing to work hard to achieve his or her goals.

A person born under the Chinese horoscope sign of the Dragon is truly majestic. He or she cannot hide his or her inner greatness. These individuals are often successful in business due to taking big risks. A Dragon is usually surrounded by admirers, because this Chinese sign is magnetic and irresistible. The energy of a person born under the Zodiac sign of the Dragon pulls you along with it, and many people are hopelessly in love with Dragons. Dragons thrive on the energy of their admirers, because it gives them the confidence to keep plunging into things with all they've got.

Dragons are kind and generous to the people they love, but will be ruthless in the pursuit of their goals. A Dragon has a hard time settling down and following rules - but most Dragons end up being in a position where they make the rules, anyway.

Following the cycles of the Chinese Zodiac, every fifth year of the Dragon is tempered by the element of Metal.

People born under the Chinese sign of the Dragon who are tempered by metal are incredibly strong and unyielding. Others sense their inner strength and respect them. As fierce and mighty as this Dragon person is, he or she will respect a person who has the fortitude to stand up to him or her. Metal Dragons are impressed by strength and confidence more than flattery.

A person born under the Chinese Zodiac sign of the Dragon who is tempered by the element Metal will be a natural born leader. He or she will usually attract many people to his or her way of thinking, but even if there is no one following, a Metal Dragon will march on. These people have strong convictions, and will not give them up or bend to follow popular trends. They are not afraid to go alone, and are not intimidated even if everyone else is against their point of view.

A person born as a Metal Dragon under the Chinese horoscope can calm conflicts through sheer force of personality. Unlike some people who bluster and intimidate in order to conceal weakness, the Dragon is full of strength through and through, and all of his or her force is real. Others find it hard to resist this force, and will often stop making trouble when the Metal Dragon comes around. There is very little reason to worry about a person born as a Metal Dragon. This person will have great resources and always find a way to succeed.

Comments: Metal Dragon Horoscope

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Steph 2024-01-15 08:35:14
Libra Metal Dragon here. Happy knowing about myself more. :')
Nogard 2024-01-27 07:14:58
what’s your life path number?
Prince Onuora NG 2020-01-13 21:39:55
I'm a metal dragon as well, with a Gemini sun and Scorpio moon.. I see where I'm to be, and I know how to get there.
AquaMetalDragon 2019-01-08 20:19:18
Aquarius metal dragon here.

Let’s prosper metal dragons’!!!
Liam Mercury 2018-06-30 17:21:24
Piscean Metal Dragon here, all of that is true, just turned 18 and flew away to start my life, still looking for a job and have only 170 usd on me, but don't mind becoming homeless, all in the adventure. I'm fine with pretty much everything because if I want to do something I've always got insane resources for some reason.
Lauren N. Egolf 2016-12-02 11:42:44
Angelina Jolie Foxfire June Sky UN embassador style. Death Dragon tattoo. Love u Ang. Economics next year. They death hoaxed u too while u saw ur video pleading with foreign countries about child exploitation. Dont take anybodys shit.
Andreas Bjrge 2016-11-24 10:10:34
Vrigo dragon here I come. Metal dragon.
Siddhartha Neupane 2016-11-05 10:09:11
Metal Dragon here! 2000 May 18 🙂
madamfeline 2018-03-24 01:34:09
same year only in april 25, metal dragon taurus here 🙂
Andreas Bjrge 2016-07-03 18:25:21
I am metal but virgo so i use my rivals Their weakness. Because i am. Team With water and wood
Geoffrey Tobin 2016-02-05 03:49:52
Alan Rufus, a very wealthy man, commander of William the Conqueror's household knights, is said to have been born in 1040, which would make him a metal dragon. Moreover, he was born under the Arcturus, the star of prosperity, influence and trust. He certainly had all the characteristics.

In the battle of Hastings in 1066 he saved William, captured enemy soldiers and coordinated a feint and cavalry charge, all in one smooth movement.

On Alan's own lands, the other barons and even the king's sheriffs were excluded, their authority being taken by the local people instead.

He obtained a Royal agreement that all of his tenants and employees were free to trade everywhere in England without paying tolls and other fees. This concession continued for well over 500 years.

At the start of the siege of Sainte Suzanne in 1083, the King abandoned his bodyguard, led by Alan, in the middle of enemy territory, where they loyally stood while they were attacked by France's greatest knights for three years continuously.

The Rebellion of 1088 saw Alan lead a few loyal barons to victory against the greatest magnates of the land in three months of battles across the length and breadth of England.

Later that year, Alan calmly faced down the King and all the barons and churchmen of the kingdom to defend the Bishop of Durham in a treason trial.

Alan died spectacularly in a fire that burnt London in 1093.

Gunhild, the daughter of the previous King, Harold, whom William's army had defeated and killed at Hastings then declared that she had loved Alan, and he had loved her.

Alan's wealth multiplied after his death, funding the spread of learning, the French Renaissance and innovation in the sciences, arts and government, across Europe, to the Americas and beyond.

He was a mighty metal dragon, indeed!
Pratyush 2016-01-20 00:41:16
CApricorn metal dragon
Bernard 2016-01-03 01:45:16
Wooooh!! Long live Metal Dragons!! Did you know that Bruce Lee is also a Metal Dragon? Thats why all Metal Dragons are great. And all of the people here, I can guess your ages, you're all 15-16 years old, am I right??
Bajee12 2015-12-31 01:03:14
Metal Dragon here <3 Sagittarius .

Tyler 2015-12-12 21:51:30
Metal Virgo Dragon. I love it #metaldragons
Lily 2015-10-24 09:59:42
This is SO me! #MetalDragons
Widakay 2015-10-13 04:22:56
Water monkey here, don't give a fck, waiting to forge my metal dragon whelps in the crucible of fire. Be careful my extremists, I'm waiting for you all to rise.
zoe marshall 2015-09-07 19:27:57
I am a leo metal dragon!loving it!
A 2015-08-06 17:11:52
Metal dragon and aquarius 🙂
Brooke 2015-08-05 04:59:50
Cancer and a Metal Dragon.
Enzo 2015-08-02 14:47:46
Libra Metal Dragon! Loving it!!!!!
Rid 2015-07-25 06:29:45
Metal dragon. Scorpio. Both my signs are similar.
sam 2015-07-17 02:26:37
Metal Dragon Sagittarius. 😭
I think too much... 2015-06-21 22:16:10
Doesn't this mean we're all in our teens? Considering other metal dragons were born in 1940-1941?

I am also a Leo :P
Rawr 2015-05-19 15:47:30
Tauren Metal Dragon. So much strength.
bobo ape 2015-04-13 19:31:54
I'm a metal dragon I love it. 😄

Trip 2015-03-31 03:19:47
janina 2015-03-22 09:46:17
Yay! Leo metal dragon 🙂
dylan 2015-03-06 19:30:31
GO metal dragons
Proud to be one
shiney dragon pants 2015-02-05 14:57:31
Leo metal Dragon...meow..
SolvedAssassin 2015-01-30 04:45:18
Metal dragon and Aries I'm the boss. Just kidding!
Zodyak 2015-09-24 01:45:27
You said it btw im also an Aries metal dragon 😃
G 2015-01-12 10:56:28
Yay!!! Scorpio Metal Dragon

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