Metal Rabbit Chinese Astrology Animal Zodiac Personality Horoscope

Metal Rabbit Personality Horoscope

Chinese Astrology Personality Horoscope for Metal Heavenly Stem and Rabbit Earthly Branch of the Sixty-Year Cycle Calendar.

Chinese Zodiac Rabbit Personality Horoscope
Chinese Astrology. Metal Rabbit Personality Horoscope.

Chinese Astrology: Hsin Mao year, meaning Rabbit in the Burrow.

The Sixty-Year Cycle Chinese Calendar: Earthly Branch Rabbit and Heavenly Stem Metal.

According to the Chinese horoscope, people born in the year of the Rabbit are cautious, mild individuals. The Rabbit is the fourth sign of the Chinese Zodiac, and represents caution and reserved intellectualism. People with the Chinese sign of the Rabbit get along well with others, but are quite content to keep their own company, as well. Rabbits are very sympathetic, and have a lot of empathy for others. As a result, many people seek out their Rabbit friends when they need to commiserate or vent.

Although a Rabbit person is quiet and reserved, he or she also knows how to enjoy life. Rabbits do prefer to be surrounded by comfort, or else their natural anxiety comes to the fore. So, you are likely to see a Rabbit's home tastefully and comfortably decorated, with all basic needs like food, drink, and entertainment, readily available. Once everything is arranged to perfection, Rabbits know how to put their feet up and spend a good afternoon relaxing.

Rabbits seem to have a slightly dual nature. Even though a Rabbit will occasionally convince you to shun work and relax, they are quite cautious creatures who hate taking risks. So, a Rabbit will carefully assess a situation and take in all the details.

If it is safe to take a relaxing moment or two, then a Rabbit will take those moments and make the most of them!

People born in the year of the Rabbit according to the Chinese Zodiac are very sensitive and creative. They will seem to know your mood as soon as you do, and have a great sense for color and design. You may want to ask your Rabbit friend to decorate your house for you! One thing to avoid is trying to engage a Rabbit in a conflict. Conflict makes them too anxious and they will flee rather than be cornered.

When a Rabbit person is tempered by the element of Metal, it gives him or her more of a steely resolve than other Rabbit people. This Metal Rabbit is more likely to stand up for himself or herself, and is also more ambitious. Where most Rabbits are content with creature comforts, the Metal Rabbit frequently finds himself or herself wanting more. When the negotiating power of a Rabbit meets the determination of Metal, the result is a person who seems to have no problem getting what he or she wants.

People born as Metal Rabbits according to the Chinese horoscope are very demonstrative in relationships and make passionate partners. These Rabbits do not show a lot of physical affection in front of others, but more than make up for in when they are alone with their partners.

Although a Metal Rabbit still hates conflict and drama, he or she is more able to stand his or her ground, and will strive hard to makes advancements in his career. Metal Rabbits are not so content with the same old boring routine, and are willing to put forth a few challenges here and there in order to succeed.

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