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Sixty-Year Cycle of Rebirth

Chinese Astrology Metal Ram

Chinese Astrology Personality Horoscope for Metal Heavenly Stem and Ram Earthly Branch of the Sixty-Year Cycle of energy Rebirth Calendar.

People born under the sign of the Ram according to the Chinese Zodiac are peaceful, calm creatures. They enjoy the good life, and prefer to be surrounded by creature comforts. A Ram enjoys a sumptuously decorated house, and likes those decorations to be expensive. Rams also love fine food and other luxuries, like expensive clothing.

For all of their love of spending money, according to the Chinese horoscope, Rams would really rather have someone else make the money. They can be quite dependant on their parents, friends, siblings, and romantic partners, because they are such gentle people. Rams really do not like to do battle for themselves, and are attracted to those with strong personalities who will protect and shelter them.

A person born under the sign of the Ram in the Chinese Zodiac has a very sensitive nature. Rams are always able to empathize with the plight of another person, which is why they are continually surrounded by friends. Rams offer solace and advice when a friend is feeling down, and never hesitate to open their homes and hearts to another. These people are nurturers, and make wonderful stay at home mothers, although Rams could also find careers as a therapist or couselor.

Although Rams do not always have the best leadership skills, they are likely the most empathetic sign in the Chinese Zodiac.

Rams are very in touch with their creative, spiritual inner worlds. A Ram person has a fantastic sense of coordination, and people who are born under the Chinese sign of the Ram make wonderful interior decorators. Ram people like to have plenty of time to themselves to contemplate life and pursue their artistic endeavours. If you give a Ram enough time to develop his or her artistic abilities, you will be very impressed at the work he or she produces.

When people born under the Chinese Zodiac sign of the Ram are tempered by the element of Metal, they develop a tough exterior. Since Rams are so sensitive, they often find their feelings hurt, and Metal Rams compensate for this by presenting a tough face, although the usual Ram sensitiveness is still underneath.

Don't be put off by the Metal Ram's prickly exterior-close friends understand that this Ram has just as many needs as other Rams do, and that the Metal Ram is still a wonderful friend and confidant. You may need to reach out more to a Metal Ram, because he or she will be more reluctant to let you in, even though he or she still needs your support.

Metal Rams can be a bit overprotective, because they see the world as though everyone else was the same as them-tough on the outside and needy on the inside. If you feel as though you are being smothered by a Metal Ram, simply communicate your needs and the Metal Ram will strive to fulfill them.

Those born as Metal Rams according to the Chinese horoscope have a deep passion for culture and the arts, even more so than other Rams do.

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marlon 2015-04-23 00:37:16
my good friend is a female metal goat.Im a earth horse and we're compatable.

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