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Chinese Astrology Personality Horoscope for Water Heavenly Stem and Dragon Earthly Branch of the Sixty-Year Cycle of energy Rebirth Calendar.

The Dragon of myth is a majestic, powerful creature, and a person born under the Chinese Zodiac sign of the Dragon fits that description. Anyone born under the Dragon sign has a lot of power inside of them, and most Dragons use that power quite effectively. A Dragon person is confident and capable-most Dragons are gifted intellectually and creatively. The Chinese sign of the Dragon inspires awe in others, and many parents in China are excited to give birth to a baby Dragon. It is a good omen for the child's future success.

A person born as a Dragon under the Chinese horoscope is likely to succeed in financial endeavours. The Dragon works hard, and uses his or her creative intelligence to run successful businesses. Dragons have the energy and intensity to dive right in with all the effort they can muster, and it almost always pays off. It's rare for a person born under the Chinese sign of the Dragon to get burned. They seem to be able to work themselves through even bad situations.

A Dragon person is usually surrounded by admirers. People can't help but be drawn to the power they can sense inside a Dragon. Dragons do enjoy the flattery of the people who surround them, and count on the love of others to prop up their confidence.

Investigate a Dragon's past and you are likely to find a string of broken hearts. People born under the Chinese Zodiac sign of the Dragon throw themselves into love just as strongly as they throw themselves into everything else, but these relationships do not often stand the test of time.

There are five elements that temper a personality in the Chinese zodiac. Therefore, every fifth year of the Dragon will be tempered by the element of Water. Water Dragons are more empathetic, and in touch with the feelings of others. This allows people born under the Chinese sign of the Dragon who are tempered by water to better tap into their creative sides, and to coolly think about actions before engaging. Unlike Metal and Fire Dragons, who seem unable to slow their own momentum, the Water Dragon person has a more equal balance between frenzied energy and calm reflection.

Since a Water Dragon is more capable of sober reflection than other Dragons, he or she is likely to make clever, well-considered decisions. Although this means that all of their ventures are likely to be profitable, it also means that they might miss out on some opportunities that the more reckless Dragons would not. A person who is a Water Dragon under the Chinese horoscope does not have the deep desire to be the center of attention that many other Dragons have, and so he or she does not make decisions based purely on drawing that attention.

Although still forthright and honest, a Dragon who is tempered by Water is more calm and discreet than other Dragons. He or she is not bothered as much by inaction, and has the patience to sit still and consider before plunging into a commitment. The Water Dragon is a very balanced and harmonious Dragon.

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Faith 2019-03-24 06:29:03
I am surprise at these description of a Water Dragon because my ex husband is a water dragon but nothing listed here describe the person I have known well not with me.

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