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Sixty-Year Cycle of Rebirth

Chinese Astrology Water Snake

Chinese Astrology Personality Horoscope for Water Heavenly Stem and Snake Earthly Branch of the Sixty-Year Cycle of energy Rebirth Calendar.

People born under the Chinese Zodiac sign of the Snake are cool customers. It is very difficult to know what they are feeling, because they keep their emotions tightly under wraps and never reveal their feelings, motivations, or goals. Even the partner of a Snake will be puzzled by him or her, because Snakes are never one hundred percent comfortable revealing all of themselves to everyone.

Snakes are quite determined, and set their sights high. They have intelligence and drive, and a talent for making and managing money. Snakes will often occupy high positions in the world of business, because they are eager to earn a high salary, and because they are wonderful and handling customers and clients and landing big deals. Snakes often handle the budgets for their homes or jobs because they keep track of money accurately and easily.

Snakes have a style and grace that draws the eyes of others, even when they aren't trying to get attention. Someone born under the Chinese horoscope sign of the Snake is always impeccably dressed, and he or she always has a magnetic air that draws in the opposite sex. A Snake keeps himself or herself aloof, and doesn't choose partners on a whim. Snakes are not very demonstrative in their affections, and it is rare to see a Snake engaging in public displays of affection. Snakes are passionate partners, but prefer to conduct their love affairs away from prying eyes.

Snakes are always private individuals who keep their plans to themselves. According to the Chinese Zodiac, a person born under the sign of the Snake is not above a little deception and manipulation to achieve his or her goals. That is part of the reason why Snakes tend to succeed in their aspirations, no matter what.

When a person born as a Snake according to the Chinese horoscope is tempered by the Element of Water, he or she becomes a little more flexible. Although Water Snakes are still determined, they are more willing to vary their plans, and also more willing to cooperate with others. The partner of a Water Snake may find that his or her Snake is a little more willing to display affection in public, or otherwise compromise his or her normal habits.

Water Snakes have better people skills than other Snakes do. For this reason, they do well in management positions, and are good at organizing and motivating staff. However, they still will not hesitate to use their management position for their own benefit, so keep an eye on them! Water Snakes are very loving towards close friends and family, but they still display the typical Snake coolness towards other acquaintances.

It is very important to Water Snakes that they be compensated for their hard work, and they prefer that compensation to be financial. Water Snakes work hard for raises and bonuses, because it is important to them to provide their families with financial security. They also like to have enough left over to indulge in a few luxuries.

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