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Chinese Astrology Wood Monkey

Chinese Astrology Personality Horoscope for Wood Heavenly Stem and Monkey Earthly Branch of the Sixty-Year Cycle of energy Rebirth Calendar.

Each of the Chinese horoscope signs bestows characteristics upon the people born under it. People born under the Chinese Zodiac sign of the Monkey have many talents. Monkey people are creative and quite intelligent. Monkeys can often outthink just about anyone in the room, and are quite clever with speech. If a Monkey can stick to his or her dreams enough to finish the education required, he or she could make an excellent lawyer, because Monkey can swiftly analyze situations and talk circles around everyone else!

With the Monkey's crafty intelligence comes a short attention span. As smart as a person born under the Chinese sign of the Monkey is, it is hard for him or her to focus on only one course of action. As a result, even though a Monkey person is very excited at the beginning of each new project, his or her interest may quickly wane, and he or she will be looking for something else to do. A Monkey is not always good at finding a career because he or she hops from job to job in order to constantly try new things.

A Monkey in the Chinese Zodiac has a short attention span when it comes to relationships, as well. Although Monkeys are born romantics, they fall out of love as quickly as they fall in. As a result, a Monkey may be intensely romantic and demonstrative, and then abruptly pull away because a new love has captured his or her eye.

The best way to keep a Monkey's romantic attention is to play clever games of your own, which keep him or her interested.

Each person is affected by one of five elements, according to the Chinese Zodiac. The Wood Monkey is more practical and less dreamy that the average Monkey. A person born as a Wood Monkey according to his or her Chinese horoscope will be much better at forming a plan and sticking to it than other Monkeys are. These Monkeys are as clever and crafty as you would expect, and have a great memory for small details. This means that they usually know at least something about how everything works-and makes a Monkey a great person to have around if an appliance breaks, for example.

A person born under the Chinese Zodiac sign of the Monkey and tempered by Wood is more able to put aside his or her prankster nature than other Monkeys are. Since he or she is not alienating people by playing practical jokes, his or her natural charm win out and he or she will have many friends and friendly contacts. A Wood Monkey can talk to anyone about anything, and works well with others. Most other Monkeys can have problems in the workplace due to a lack of respect for authority, but the Wood Monkey knows how to keep that in check.

Since a Wood Monkey is naturally intelligent and can work hard towards his or her goals, he or she is likely to be in a high position.

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