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Chinese Astrology Wood Ox

Chinese Astrology Personality Horoscope for Wood Heavenly Stem and Ox Earthly Branch of the Sixty-Year Cycle of energy Rebirth Calendar.

The Chinese Zodiac sign of the Ox is the most dependable sign in all of Chinese Astrology. If an Ox person says that something will be done, it is as good as done. If an Ox makes a promise, that promise will be kept, no matter what the Ox has to do to keep it.

Oxen simply do not understand the concept of a lie. A person born under the Chinese Zodiac sign of the Ox has no respect for those who manipulate or deal dishonestly with others. Since Oxen are so honest themselves, they are sometimes vulnerable to people who are dishonest - they never suspect it. This is why Oxen do not usually get along with the tricky and prank loving Monkeys.

Oxen strongly prefer a routine. Those who are Oxen according to the Chinese horoscope do not like surprises or sudden change. They much prefer to plan out their days and weeks ahead of time, and then work steadily at their chosen tasks hour after hour and day after day. Although some people would find this boring, it is a comfort to the Ox. This is why Oxen get along well with Dog people, who are much the same way.

Someone born with the Chinese Zodiac sign of the Ox should never be asked to rush into a decision.

Oxen cannot rush their careful and thorough thought processes. Although an Ox may sometimes miss out on an opportunity do to over thinking, Oxen never commit to foolish courses of action. Only once and Ox has considered all possibilities does he or she make a commitment. Of course, this is why Oxen hate to change their minds. They examine every detail beforehand, and are absolutely certain that they have chosen correctly. Why should they change their minds?

An Ox affected by the element of Wood is the most liberal and open minded of the Oxen. This Ox is more open to changes in his or her routine. Although most Oxen resent surprises and even small changes, a Wood Ox is more able to go with the flow.

Although Oxen are normally solitary people who prefer to work alone, a person born as a Wood Ox in the Chinese horoscope is more social, and is better at working as part of a team than other Oxen are. In this team, a Wood Ox will normally take on a leadership role. Others recognize the Wood Ox's ability to make and carry out an effective plan, and will tend to defer to him or her.

A Wood Ox is less content to fade into the background than other Oxen are. Most Oxen will be content to steadily work, and do not need notice or accolades to be happy. A Wood Ox is more likely to speak out and be noticed in a crowd, and they enjoy being rewarded for all the hard work that they do. Wood Oxen can get angry faster than other Oxen do, so tread lightly unless you want the fury of the Ox unleashed!


Comments: Wood Ox Horoscope

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orginaljun 2019-06-16 19:57:08
Of course we get along with most other zodiacs, but the ones i do get along is dog, horse, monkey. Somehow there is a connection at the same wave length, like we understand each other. there is a mutual respect to each other.
Kadri 2015-12-29 10:15:00
Beginning the article I wanted to write:"No, no, no, routine is my biggest enemy, it's just killing me inside." but finishing the article I can say only:"ABSOLUTELY CORRECT!" Wood Ox 🙂
Katie Narramore 2015-10-24 20:54:18
Extremely accurate. Pretty impressive!

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