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Gaia Hypothesis
Gaia (or Ge), sprung from Chaos, is the personification of the earth. Her name has been employed in a recent coinage called the Gaia Hypothesis, a theory that views the earth as a complete living organism, all of its parts working in concert for its own continued existence.
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The Latin word Genius designated the creative power of an individual which was worshipped as a mythological and religious concept. See demon.
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Gorgon or gorgoneion or gorgonian or gorgonize.
The Gorgons were three sisters who had snakes for hair and a gaze so terrifying that a mortal who looked into their eyes was turned to stone. Medusa, the most famous of the three, was beheaded by Perseus, aided by Athena and Hermes. Perseus gave the head to Athena, who affixed it to her shield (see aegis). The head of the gorgon was often depicted in Greek art in a highly stylized manner; this formalized depiction is called a gorgoneion. Today a gorgon can mean a terrifying or ugly woman. There is also a species of coral known as gorgonian with an intricate network of branching parts. The verb to gorgonize means to paralyze by fear.
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