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In astrology, 'Ascendant' is another term for Rising Sign, which is defined as the zodiac sign that was coming up on the Eastern horizon at the time and geographical location of your birth. This is not to be confused with the Sun Sign, which most people know as their zodiac sign.
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It is an energy field or 'life force' that surrounds an object as a diaphanous outline of sorts. The most interesting claim of auras is that they contain useful information about the objects they surround. The colors and intensity of a person's aura are said to convey meaning. Most people cannot see auras, but many experts in the field claim that we all have the ability within us to see our auras. Authorities agree that a person's aura can tell you a lot about them. We cannot fake the color or characteristics of our auras, and therefore, it is said that our auras show our true nature and intentions.
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Automatic Writing
Simply stated, automatic writing is a free-flowing message sent by an entity in the form of the written word via a person. It is sometimes called 'trance' writing, because it is done quickly and without judgment. The person may appear in a trance-like state, putting down whatever comes to mind. This is accomplished with a writing implement and paper or a computer and keyboard. The messages may be in a language foreign to the person's own native tongue and the handwriting can be unrecognizable to the person penning the words. It may also be lacking spaces and punctuation. Pictures or symbols may be part of the writing as well.
Automatic writing allows the person access to the entity for guidance. It can also serve to retrieve information from your unconscious and/or provide insight.
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