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American culture places meaning in a handshake. A palm reader would tell you to pay attention to the energy surrounding you during this contact. A palm reader looks at key marks and lines on the palm. The main lines are the Heart Line, Head Line, Fate Line and Life Line. Traditional palm reading would have your passive hand - the hand you don't use to write - be indicative of your innate self, your potential. This hand's lines remain unchanged. And, the active, dominant hand is the one that changes to reflect your achievements in growth. Although, nowadays, palm readers believe the lines on both hands are dynamic, and each hand influences the lines on the other.
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Dowsing has been used for centuries to find water. The pendulum method has many applications. It has been used to find missing people and items, heal negative energy, or detect health problems. A necklace can make a great pendulum. And the more you keep it with you, charging it with your own healing energy, the better it is said to work. Have you ever seen someone dangle a necklace over a pregnant woman's stomach in order to predict the sex of the baby? Same thing.
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Psychic Astrologer
Simply stated a psychic astrologer is a clairvoyant who is also an expert in the use of the zodiac. He or she specializes in using astrology to provide insight, offer advice and make predictions. Based upon a person's date and time of birth, which determines their astrological sign, a comprehensive profile of a person can be drawn by studying their natal chart.
Talking to a gifted psychic astrologer can help you understand what your horoscope specifically means for you. Psychic astrologers can show you how the planetary positions affect you, as well as maximizing their benefits and minimizing their consequences.
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