5 Black Snakes Dream Interpretation

I dreamed there was 5 black snakes, I killed them but 4 of them came back to life and turned into these black sheep, the one I killed all the way had blue blood coming out of it, please help me understand this

When numbers appear in your dream, whether they count of people, things, or events, they are always significant. Five is the number of the perfect being, and it also repre-sents creativity. Five of any kind of animal or being can represent both positive and negative aspects of primal creativity. We are going to venture through your dream symbols including the number five, snakes and black sheep, resurrection and meta-morphosis, and blue blood.

The Number Five: The number five is known as the number of the complete or perfect human being. It is also a number heralding great creativity in numerology. When the number five surfaces in a dream, it is indicating a period of creative self-expression and completion of a cycle in your life.

Black snakes: Black snakes are generally a symbol of poison or toxicity. Snakes can be symbols of transformation on their own, but if they are black, they indicate a nega-tive influence of some kind. This might account for why you tried to root them out by killing them off altogether.

Black sheep: Sheep move together and rarely vary in behavior. They are known for emulating each other and staying close. The fact that the black snakes transformed and were resurrected as black sheep is indicative of adaptability. However, this could point to one set of vices simply being replaced with others. Black sheep in crowds can refer to anyone who is not behaving according to social conventions. They are rebels and hell-raisers, which is not necessarily a bad thing. However, check your levels of care, attention, presence, and virtue in particular life situations.

Blood: Blue blood runs through our veins before it mixes with oxygen when it turns crimson red. This could indicate that you are scratching beneath the surface of an sit-uation, event, or relationship in your life.

This dream indicates that a certain phase of your life is drawing to a close. You have brought on this transition and metamorphosis on your own, being that you are in control of rooting out toxicity in whatever form it may take in your life. Be careful that you are giving full presence, awareness, care, and attention to your life and your motivations. Dig deep beneath the surface to discover the truth of who you are and what it is you truly want from this life.

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