Alien Arrival Dream Interpretation


I had a dream last night that I was invited to attend a gathering to see a very special guest. I was in a room with about 40 to 50 other people. There was some officials in the front. We were waiting for him to arrive. I was getting really nervous and went to use the bathroom. When I was walking back to the room, it had begun, there was a giant white fabric that had come down from the ceiling sort of like a parachute. And it would float up and down to give a glimpse. I heard a lot of gasps and people would shout, I can see him! I felt a tremendous presence in the room just then, unlike anything I have felt before, almost like my hair was standing on end. I knew the aliens had arrived. I was trying to look to the front of the room to get a glimpse but I was unsure if I really wanted to because I knew the sight of them would frighten me. I saw him, he was a short alien with white skin and long limbs with a large head.

Often dreams in which we are getting ready to go to a big gathering can signal a turn of the page in our social lives. You may be getting ready, following a period of respite, to allow and embrace more people in your journey. We will take a look at symbols from your dream including the gathering, the special guest, the officials who were present, the white fabric curtain/parachute, the presence, and the aliens.

Gathering: The gathering is a reflection of a new wave of sociability and connecting with others. Whenever gatherings or events appear in dreams, it reveals from deep within your subconscious that you are either yearning for or planning to be more engaged socially and culturally to match your newfound freedom or sense of self-confidence and inner radiance. This is your chance to mingle and to shine with others.

Special Guest: The special guest at this event is, as was proposed, possibly a teacher, guide, healer, or speaker whose impact on your life will be great. Guests of honor are manifestations of our greatest qualities. The qualities and characteristics we see and admire in others are direct reflections of the beauty and highest, most refined aspects of our own character. On the surface, and before you provide us with a detailed description of the presence of this individual, the guest heralds big news or major change.

Officials: Officials at the gathering provide security, safety, but also restriction, rules, and regulations. If the officials were kind or neutral, then they do not pose any threat to your leisure and pleasure. However, if they are overbearing or extremely rigid and particularly nasty towards you, then proceed with caution as you reflect upon entering the gathering space in time to see the special guest's arrival.

White fabric curtain/parachute: White indicates purity, regality, and truth. In this case, the white fabric or parachute which floats up and down, revealing only snippets of the scene and setting at a time, has the effect of clearing the space in the room and making it cleaner, brighter, and more pure. This changes the overall resonance of the space.

The presence: The presence that you describe is possibly linked to the energy clearing, and it is most definitely linked to the special guest(s) in attendance. It is a reflection of the shift in energy that these beings or the guest, in particular, is influencing the dimension with of their own accord.

Aliens: Aliens are not necessarily oddly-shaped beings with big eyes and spindly limbs. Aliens sometimes manifest in our subconscious when we are not certain of what it is we are looking at, so our subconscious substitutes for that lack of knowledge with something that equates to foreign beings. Aliens often take the place of new energy when we do not have anything to define that energy with right off the bat. The appearance of the alien is nothing to be alarmed by. It could simply be that a new teacher, healer, guide, or leader of some movement has arrived in your life or in the world to be listened to and observed.

This dream could indicate that you are entering a new, revitalized social phase of your life. It could mean that you will be seeing a great performance, meeting someone who is new, fabulous, and interesting, or learning from a new teacher who appears in your life at the precise moment that you need to change or alter your course.

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