Ants Turning Red to Black Dream Interpretation

I was dreaming alots of red ants in my purse then I I spray the ants, and the ants turn into black ants and the more I spray the ants getting bigger and bigger..

The appearance of ants, a team-building animal spirit, in your dream, indicates a career move or something to do with your work. We are going to review your dream symbols including the colors red and black and ants.

Color Red: Red is a color of passion, urge, desire, and temptation. It can represent in-tensity of emotions and high energy, but also strength, courage, and boldness.

Color Black: Black is a color of death and transformation. It is indicative of change on a massive scale and is rarely a subtle expression.

Ants in general: Ants in general represent teamwork, unified purpose, and gathering together. They relate to teamwork and ingenuity.

Ants growing in size: This could indicate either an anxiety or fear growing in size and strength in your subconscious, or the hidden potential for a group project to exceed your expectations. Either way, it is an amplification of what the ants represent to you, based upon what you feel after reading this interpretation.

Spraying the ants: The fact that you attempted to get rid of the ants signifies that they hold a negative meaning to you. Your first reaction is generally responding to the clos-est truth of a situation, which means that some energy or difficulty has entered into your life which you wish to revamp or renew with a more positive influence.

This dream clearly shows that your work life has grown too stressful or that your career path is in need of a makeover. The mild end of the spectrum is that you simply need to slow down, look for solid solutions to complications, and move forward steadily. The ex-treme end of the spectrum is that you need to consider changing professions. Take this in stride because there are positive aspects to this dream. Ants are great team players who value the work of the individual and the collective group. They look after each other and move together as a single unit with the same purpose. The flip side is that ants can represent being made to feel small, be condescended towards, or being devalued for one’s labor. If this resonates with you as being the case, then you should assert your-self and confirm your self worth by taking any small action that you can in the direction of self-confidence and inner strength.

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