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One of the most graphic and realistic dreams ive ever had is this one. One evening I went out to look at the stars and the sky was an unusual shade of orange. I look up and there are three moons.I notice they are the moon,Venus,and Mercury. My father comes out and begins to smoke a cigar. He loos at me and says in a sad voice "The end is near." Eventually word spreads that the sun is sucking everything up and we are all going to die. Poles are tipping sideways because the gravity is decreasing and people are packing but there is nowhere to run. Later, I look up and the sky is black, but the sun is providing some light. All the outer planets and the Gliese planets are huddled into a group. Thats when i hear people begin to scream. Then I wake up.

It is easy to become influenced and sometimes overwhelmed by the fears and anxieties of others, or even of the global collective. Dreams can reflect our own fears and insecurities, but they can also represent shared anxieties or feelings about major world issues. Apocalyptic messages in dreams should always be taken with a grain of salt. It is important to pay attention to other symbols in the dream including the general atmosphere and feelings of others who appear to you. Are they afraid, or are they relaxed? Are they acting out, or are they coming from a place of detached calm? We will take a look at the meaning of symbols from your dream including stars in the night sky, the color orange, three moons/planets, the cigar, the message, The end is near, earth poles and sun shifts, black sky with some sunlight, and planets grouped together.

Stars in the night sky: The appearance of stars in your dream symbolizes high ambition, success, and lofty goals or aspirations. However, they can also repre-sent being too starry eyed or hopeful in a far-reaching kind of way. The fact that the stars are clear in the sky is a good sign that the coast is clear for the most part and everything is working out according to an intelligent design.

Color orange: Orange is a color of emotions. To see a night sky completely awash in this color indicates a high rise in the emotions of the human collective. That is to say that human beings are fearful, whether it be due to stock market develop-ments, the commodity trade, the current drought in California, the spread of dis-ease, etc. The list could go on of potential fears, and they all influence the rising tide of human emotion on a global scale. This is mirrored by the night sky which absorbs the energy emitted by the Earth and her inhabitants.

Three moons/planets: Three is the number of divinity and divine magic. It is signifi-cant because it relates to combinations and structures of strength and integrity in numerology and sacred geometry. It helps to form the building blocks of all life and all creation. This is a positive sign in the dream.

Cigar: To dream of smoking a cigar or observing someone else smoke a cigar is a symbol of a relaxed environment or attitude. Everything is completely normal and under control and there is no hint of any danger or real threat. Life is going smoothly.

Message, The end is near: It is significant that your father is smoking a cigar as he shares this message with you. It makes it almost difficult to take him seriously, as his attitude and behavior regarding what might be a very threatening message to someone else is very lackadaisical and indifferent. Again, this seems to be an unfounded message without anything to back it up. Do not be alarmed or con-cerned.

Earth Poles & Sun Shifts: To dream of this kind of natural disaster, including sun shifts or changes and the earth's poles shifting, could indicate a major shake up of the collective subconscious. It could simply mean that humanity will experi-ence a new wave of awareness and bliss that come as a result of an event or sit-uation that wakes us all up at the same time. Moments like these are generally associated with natural disasters such as Hurricane Katrina or the collapse of the Twin Towers. Do not be alarmed, as the potential for healing and renewal are greater than the potential for destruction in these cases.

Black Sky, still with some sun: To dream of the sky going black with only a hint of sunlight is to give into the fears expressed by the apocalyptic message your fa-ther gave you. It simply represents another element of the end of the world sce-nario that seems to pervade your dream. Do not be alarmed, as it could only ref-erence an upcoming partial eclipse in 3-D waking life. The fact that the sun is still functioning and providing life, which is crucial for life to survive on earth, is a great sign that there is still hope that everything will work out accordingly to eve-ryone's benefit, safety, and protection.

Planets grouped together: There have been countless stories and myths about the alignment of the planets at a time of a great shift. The planetary alignment and pole shift that was supposed to occur during the Mayan calendar's ending on December 21, 2012 never happened. We are all still alive and moving through the motions of our beautiful lives which we are blessed to live.

The underlying fears of humanity are on the rise in they have crept into your sa-cred dreamtime. This could be due to astrological shifts which can greatly impact the energetic ingredients that mix together to form our day-to-day realities. The rise in emotions can impact everyone, whether it be subtly or very noticeably. At times, the overwhelming fears of the collective conscious and subconscious can slip into our sacred dreamtime and wake us up with fears that are not totally our own. Do not fear and do not be alarmed by this dream. It could be indicative of a very minor wake-up call in your own life on a much smaller scale. Be cautious of what you hear and see in the news, don't buy into people's alarmist behavior or beliefs, and remember to be thankful for every moment of your life which you have to live right here and now, in the present. Everything is under control. Don't encourage the anxiety, but break out a cigar and celebrate life instead.

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