Balloons Floating Dream Interpretation


I dreamt I let go of a white balloon on a string (by accident) and then a red balloon (no string). I saw them floating away in the sky and felt sad. I then saw both floating very high/far up in the air. A couple of minutes later, they started falling to earth and fell through a tree right into my hands. Weird!! Felt very glad I was able to catch them.

Dreams of balloons connect you with your childhood and the innocence that you accessed in your youth. They are playful dreams which reflect a spirited inner na-ture in you that will carry you further in your journey towards success, healing, and balance. Pay attention to every detail of these dreams, as even the most mi-nute element will tell an important part of the story. In this case, you are surren-dering, allowing, and letting go to allow for more joy and peace in your life's path at this present moment. We will pick apart symbols of your dream including the colors white and red, the balloons, the journey through the air and the descent back to the ground, and your general feelings and emotions throughout the dream.

Color white: White is a color of purity, integrity, and innocence. It can indicate a period of cleansing and renewal. White in this case can also reflect total compre-hension or inclusion of all things, since white is the presence of all colors and degrees of light.

Color red: Red in this case can represent boldness of one's actions, but it can al-so represent reckless passion, needless desire, and impulse urges which need to be tamed.

Balloons: To see balloons in your dream could indicate an inflated ego, but it is more than likely in this case that the balloons represent life patterns, aspirations, goals, ambitions, hopes, and fears about your journey.

Floating high: To see balloons floating or rising high indicates that you are literally rising above your troubles, doubts, anxieties, fears, or any situations that might otherwise block your happiness and joy in the present moment. Balloons often remind us of our childhood or of being childlike, so they also represent inno-cence, purity, and freedom.

Descending low: The fact that they return to the ground or come back to earth, so to speak, is indicative of the low or come down following a period or event of lightheartedness and joy. This is nothing to fear, however, because you actually catch the remnants of the balloons in your dream. This is a great sign that the power to be happy and carefree remain in your hands. You have a strong sense of yourself and you know your emotions well. You can control this situation start to finish without impacting or infringing upon anyone else's journey.

Feelings/emotions: Be constantly in check with your feelings and emotions, which it seems you are. You have strong balance and you observe yourself almost playfully as you move through periods of your life. This is a great quality that you should continue to nourish as you move forward. Be wiling to take a step back at any time from any situation or relationship and reconnect with your inner child to devise the next best step in your life, always keeping your happiness, health, and well-being in mind.

What this dream depicts for you is that you are moving through a phase in your life in which you are rising above heated circumstances or potential obstacles on your path to happiness. You have taken on a carefree, relaxed attitude about events or circumstances and no matter what happens, the power remains in your hands to succeed and move forward with courage and strength. Remember to nurture your inner child and allow for that wisdom and guidance to carry you fur-ther along in your journey, moment to moment.

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