Black Widow Dream Interpretation


i had a dream i was walking down a hallway, its was super tiny only one person could fit. there was black widows all over the walls, almost touching me.. i kept on walking thinking there was an exit but there wasnt. when i got to the "end" i turned around and walked back, all the blacl widows were now dead. & im pregnant... i've been havinf really weird dreams/nightmares for a few months now

The dreams we have during major life events often reflect our deep-seeded fears and anxieties. We cannot predict the future, so we project our feelings and emo-tions into it. In the case of pregnancy, myriad formations of the human psyche will take shape in the dreamtime to reveal your greatest hopes and fears as a mother-to-be. We will discern symbols from your dream including the narrow hallway, black widow spiders, doorways and exits, death, and pregnancy.

Narrow Hallway: this represents a feeling of overwhelm. You literally feel as though the walls or structure of a space are closing in on you. You mention that you are pregnant. Often, mothers-to-be dream of claustrophobia, the fear of being in confined spaces. You are journeying through a mental and emotional phase of overwhelm and you will undoubtedly work your way through it. This is made evi-dent by the fact that you walking through the space and make a turn once you reach the end to face a new beginning, new future, or new reality.

Black widow spiders: these spiders suggest toxicity or poison in one's environ-ment. They are harbingers of danger and something that would be considered a detriment to yours or the baby's health. Spiders are also indicators of an unre-solved sexual shadow. It could be evidence of sexual frustration in a relationship or simply that sexual repression needs to find release. Either interpretation sug-gests that you were moving through a phase in which the influences in your envi-ronment were particularly negative. These can be offshoots of another person or group of people you recently surrounded yourself with, or evidence of your physi-cal environment needing to be revived and restored.

Doorways and exits: the fact that you are seeking an exit is evidence that in your waking life you are actively trying to fight your way out of a particular rut or set of circumstances which no longer serve your highest truth.

Death (of the spiders): the fact that the spiders die as you turn a corner (and a chapter of your life, so to speak) is a great sign that you have survived and gone beyond a mental and emotional impasse in your life. You no longer have any-thing to fear because there is no longer any threat.

The crux of what this dream represents is best embodied by the death of the black widow spiders. Whatever doubts, fears, or insecurities you have concern-ing your pregnancy should be abated. You have nothing to worry about because whatever pending threats that might have previously existed in your interpersonal relationships or external environment are now a thing of the past. You should take this time to care for yourself and practice meditating or centering yourself so that your fears no longer manifest in your dreams.

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