Conversing with Deceased Aunt Dream Interpretation


I dream of my deceased aunt walking with two peaple wearing lo black dress with white color and they didint talk to us but on their way back she asked me to come closer n she sad my eyes looks injured n she offer to put her breast milk on my face i refuse coz i knew she died.

Visitations from the dead or recently departed in our dreams herald messages from other dimensions. They come to us to provide us with information we cannot access for ourselves from where we are, and often this information is exceedingly helpful to our journeys. We will analyze symbols from your dream including your deceased aunt, the colors white and black, eyes and vision, breast milk, and healing.

Deceased aunt: Whenever a kindred from the other side crosses over to this dimen-sion to pay someone a visit, the message reveals something pertinent only to the re-ceiver. Usually, this message is not obvious to the receiver which is why a loved one who has a wider perspective in another dimension offers guidance or counsel. In this case, your aunt came with a message concerning your vision. This is nothing to be alarmed by or concerned about, as receiving this kind of insight from someone with whom you are familiar is a great gift.

Color White: White is a color that symbolizes purity of emotions, thoughts, actions, and behaviors.

Color Black: The color black signifies decay, destruction, or the great eternal void from which all things were birth and to which all things return in [the end]. Ultimately, black is a color of the soul, because the soul will one day merge with that void.

Eyes and vision: Eyes are the seat of the soul. They grant one perspective and inner truths that are not readily available or accessible by the other senses. Next to touch, sight is the most important sense that helps one interact with his or her environment and extract the most information from it which can satisfy all the other senses. To have a dream about one's vision being compromised, damaged, or somehow harmed, is to suggest that you are not seeing things clearly at the moment.

Breast milk: It is said that breast milk contains every nutrient necessary to heal any abrasion or ailment that a newborn child may have. Breast milk, in this case, is a sym-bol of a panacea, or universal remedy.

Healing: Your aunt's offer to heal your vision should be a source of great comfort to you. It means that there is help at hand if you require it, and guidance on your path from your loved ones if you so desire it.

This dream touches upon your eyes being damaged. However, it could be that your vi-sion or sense of direction in life is simply skewed, or that your ability to look at the past, present, and future is off which makes it difficult for you to make solid decisions about what to do. If your eyes have been injured or otherwise deposed, then you may need to take time out for reflection and honest evaluation. Look at all the areas of your life and the manner in which you are managing them and make sure they are in line with your highest ambitions and goals. The added element of this visit from your deceased aunt is that you should remember to strengthen your family bonds with the living. Often relatives who have passed on assert their presence in our lives in the dreamtime be-cause they long to still be a part of the waking consciousness realm of family kinship. Honor your family bonds while alive with sincerity and warmth.

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