Courtship with a Boy Dream Interpretation


I Have A Dream Last Night . I Met A Boy In A Eatery I Think Then He Gave My Phone Back To Me . He Take A Peek On My Phone And Get My Number When I'm Not Around . We've Been Became Very Close. The Next Scene I Remember Is That We Are Calling Each Other ' Babe ' Were Sweet As A Couples Out There. I Keep On Thinking About It Cause It Really Feels Like Its Real. But I'm Single And I Really Wanna Continue My Dream And Finally Remember His Face. He Looks So Nice And Kind. Guy-next-door Kind Of A Boy. I Wanna Meet Him As Soon As Possible Because I Think I'm Starting To Fall For Him I Woke Up Crying About That Dream And I Think It Really Affects Me A Good Or A Bad Sign ?

Dreaming of social gatherings in social settings is always a positive sign in se-quences. It can indicate a period of a revived social life, rich with people, celebra-tions, new friends or lovers, and general feelings of harmony and abundance. When a relationship surfaces in a dream, it is a clear sign that you have been do-ing real prep work to be ready to receive someone new in your life who you will care for sincerely and honestly. Check the character and integrity of the person you meet in your dreams to be sure they are someone you will value and cherish. We will attempt to understand symbols from your dream including the setting (the eatery), the cell phone, the phone number, the relationship, and the boy himself.

Setting (the Eatery): To dream of being at this eatery, cafe, or restaurant repre-sents your social life. You have an active social life that centers around good company and warm-hearted activity. This is the most likely place or environment in which to meet your beloved or potential partner. People gravitate towards these zones in their dreams when they are either making new or reviving old connections with others. This could be a signal to you from your subconscious that you should venture out more, call up old friends or relatives, and enhance your social life with more of this kind of activity or social setting in place.

Cell phone: A cell phone can signal some kind of telepathic communication in your dream between yourself and this boy that you met. You are closely con-nected and have the ability to read each other's thoughts and send each other messages at a remote distance. Phones and letters always represent messages coming to you from another dimension or someone who sincerely wants to reach you. To dream that the boy is returning your phone to you is to dream that he is helping you open up to receiving his or others' messages to you. You are literally opening up the lines of communication once again.

Phone number: A phone number in a dream is a signal of connection or means of communication with others, just as with the cell phone. However, the fact that the boy retrieves or accesses your number first without asking your permission indi-cates that someone in your life is desperately trying to reach you first. It could be a potential partner in the near future, an old friend or acquaintance, or simply someone who will appear in your life and change it for the better.

Relationship/connection: Relationships represent internal and external harmony and balance. To dream of a relationship indicates that you are entering a phase in which you feel open to and prepared for selflessly caring for another human being. Make room in your waking life for this person, and wait to see them mani-fest safely and soundly.

Boy: To dream of this boy is a signal from your subconscious that you have the capacity for entering into a relationship with someone new. Otherwise, this per-son would not have appeared in your dream sequence.

You are now entering a phase in which you are capable of being in a relationship with another person, as made evident by the symbols and events of this dream. The boy you mention is amicable and kind, and likely reflects some of your own best qualities. It could be that it is time for you to meet your better half or poten-tial life partner. Pursue these thoughts with ease, tenderness, and caution, as you do not want to become so engrossed in the idea of being in a relationship that you forget to live your day-to-day life with confidence and grace. Be open to subtle messages and hints that the universe brings to your doorstep, and keep all lines of communication open as well. Do not stay guarded or fearful, but open your heart and your energy fields to embracing another in your life.

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