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I had a dream i was on the first floor of our apartment complex working out when a massive earthquake hit. I was running past the pool telling everyone to get out on my way to get my dog from the 5th floor. I was running up the steps made it to the 4th floor before waking up. I know in my dream all I could think of was getting my dog and worrying i wouldn't make it to her and how scared she must be. Can someone help me out and tell me what that means. When I woke I reached for my dog and held her tight

Dreaming of natural disasters which impact a large, sometimes global community is very common. It shows that you are linked to the collective subconscious fre-quencies which can influence people's dreams with or without their permission. Natural disasters in dreams can sometimes be literal precognitions, but more of-ten than not they represent a literal shake up or shakedown of events and cir-cumstances in your own life. We will look closely at symbols from your dream in-cluding exercise, the earthquake, a swimming pool, your dog, and stairs.

Working out: this dream sequence can be taken quite literally. Often we dream of doing exactly what we do in our waking 3-D consciousness. This is always a great sign that you are paying attention to the details of your life during the day which translates into a mirror reflection of your actions and behavior in the dreamtime. Exercise also indicates that you are looking after yourself, and to dream of doing it reveals that you give care and attention to your overall health and well-being.

Earthquake: dreams of natural disasters can sometimes be literal. However, they are also symbols of chaos, turmoil, or destruction in one's own life. To dream of an earthquake is to dream of a potential shake-up or shakedown in one's life that will rattle your foundation or very core and make you wake up. Your otherwise peaceful condition may be compromised by an upcoming event, however, it is nothing to be alarmed by because in the dream you act with complete calm, clear perception, and stability.

Swimming pool: Bodies of water in dreams are linked to emotions. The deeper and wider a body of water, such as a lake or an ocean, the deeper the current of emotions. In this case, the swimming pool is a reflection of the minimal fear and anxiety that couple with this natural disaster. It is only a mild occurrence with mi-nor ramifications.

Your dog: Your loyalty and affection for your dog shine through in this dream as you quite firmly push others out of your way in route to saving your dog from this disaster.

Stairs: Stairs are always a symbol of reaching greater heights in your conscious-ness or in your ability to control circumstances. They can be indicators of the de-gree of progress you are making in your efforts in life in general. Your confident sense of pace and direction show that you know who you are, what you want, what you believe in, and what you are willing to fight for and protect.

What we learn from this dream is that you have a strong character built with te-nacity and endurance to see you through any shifts or changes you may face. There is the potential for a shake-up of events or occurrences in your life in the near future, but you instinctively know what to hold onto and protect in any event.

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