Growing in Height Dream Interpretation


I had a dream about myself being taller than normal and I started to walk around and I felt a sense that people treated me differently like attraction... I'm 14 and I'm like 5 foot and I do want people to like me more... What does this dream mean

Whenever we grow or expand in our energy fields, whether it take the form of adding or subtracting weight or growing in height, we are literally teasing out our capacity for growth and transformation on a physical, mental, and emotional level. We reach new heights and/or plateaus of discovery within our beings as we observe ourselves grow-ing. We are going to interpret your dream symbols including growing taller, your age and present height, and the manner in which people treated you in the dream se-quence.

Growing tall: You note that your present age is 14-years-old and that you stand at a height of 5 ft. It is significant that you point out your current age in height because you are relatively short in waking life at present. However, dreaming of growth indicates a period of transformation, accumulation of knew knowledge and wisdom, and the acquir-ing of enriching life experiences. If you dream of being taller than normal, it indicates that you have maturity or levels of awareness and perception which far exceed that of those around you.

Being tall: Height is not necessarily a physical symbol in dream journeys. Height indi-cates having the gifts of foresight and hindsight, the ability to discern with minimal de-tails which situations suit your best needs and future ambitions. Height is a symbol of nobility, integrity, honor, and virtue. It represents one who has garnered a set of truths or even abilities which empower and strengthen one's lifestyle and life choices. You are equipped with everything that you need for this next stretch of your life's journey.

People treating you differently: Your growth could certainly make you more attractive in personal relationships, more marketable in terms of life moves and a career, or more sought after in terms of the wisdom, guidance, or advice you can offer to others in need of support. If you dream of others treating you differently because of your newfound height or newly developed levels of maturity, depth, and perception, it is because peo-ple can sense a shift in you. They are responding directly to your newly defined, bold, and powerful character.

This dream is revealing to you that you are now are soon to enter a period of growth and transformation in your life. You will be taking on new experiences, new challenges, and your depth of character will be tested. The outcome of this will be that you will ac-quire new teachings, wisdoms, and truths that will aid you in your journey and personal quest for self-improvement. Others will be attracted to you for the strong, solid, and ap-pealing resonance that you emit with humility. You may even find yourself offering guid-ance and advice to those who are pulled to you from a distance. Remember to stay humble and modest about this new chapter of your life which is sure to be met with much success.

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John Wick 2023-11-12 03:40:03
I had the same dream kind of. I'm 15 but had a dream where I was about 6 to 7 inches taller than the tallest person in my family who's my brother who's 5'9. Nice to know what it means
HeliosEos 2023-11-12 16:26:18
Growing Taller in a Dream Than Family Members

Dreams function as reflective mirrors of our subconscious mind. They often contain symbolic messages that provide insight into our thoughts, fears, aspirations, and personal growth. One such intriguing dream element is experiencing oneself as significantly taller than usual or taller than other family members. In your case, envisioning yourself taller than your older brother in the dream can have several interpretations.

1. Maturation and Self-Esteem: At the age of 15, you're in a phase of intense physical and psychological growth. Dreaming of being taller can be a direct representation of this growth and maturation process. It might reflect increased self-esteem, confidence, or feeling proud of your developing capabilities and accomplishments.

2. Aspirations and Dreams: Being taller than your brother, who is the tallest in the family, might indicate aspirations and dreams you wish to achieve. You might be envisioning "growing" beyond the limits of your family's achievements or expectations. In other words, it could symbolize your desire to stand out, excel, or pursue a path uniquely your own.

3. Dominance and Control: Height is often associated with power, authority, and control. If you dream that you are taller than your family members, it could symbolize a desire for more independence, or you may be feeling ready to take on more responsibility and make important decisions about your life. It could also indicate a shifting power dynamic within the family.

4. Achievement and Success: A dream in which you find yourself taller than your older brother might represent personal victory, perhaps foreshadowing a sense of achievement or success that will make you feel elevated in your real life—it could be academic, athletic, or related to any other field you invest your time and energy.

5. Changes and Transition: Such dreams might also reflect that you are going through a period of change and transition in life and indicate an evolution in how you perceive yourself vis-à-vis your family and others.

It's important to remember that dream interpretation is a highly personal process, with meanings keying significantly to the dreamer's individual experiences, surrounding circumstances, and emotions. If this dream or similar ones persist, keeping a dream journal might be helpful.
AJ 2020-09-03 08:48:21
Am 32 5'8 i had a couple of dreams recently that i was 9-10 foot tall. What does it mean?
Jorge Jesus Leung 2019-04-23 14:45:05
I had a dream where I was taller and I said to myself that finally I taller. The only person shown in the dream was myself, in my home.
idk i mma put somethign random here 2018-04-28 15:17:44
so i had a dream where i was way taller and bigger than i should be ,i was in my home alone,i went to the room for the cats and suddenly the door is way smaller than i entered and above the door i saw a mirror with my reflection and i became a bit lucid when i saw the mirror and thought why is there a mirror in a dream i wonder ,and then the confusion of being in a dream took over again,and my next thoughts were time to get out and i truly struggled to get throught the now small door ,btw this small door aint like alice in wonderland it was like a idk knee height for that ver of me,so if you can tell me what this meant itll be great.
also p.s. thats the only part i remembered bc my dreams are usually really trippy and stuff and i only remember stuff near the ending
K sullivan 2017-03-27 23:53:35
My 13 1/2 year old son had a dream which was almost identical to the dream discussed above.
Thank you for writing this interpretation so I was able to read it to him. Very interesting and powerful.

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