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I just dreamt that I cut my own hair on the side of my head...I was using the trimmer to do it...and I cut a crooked line above my ear...I saw this 2x in my dream... I am making a career change to something I'm interested in, but a bit intimidated/worried...the fact that I cut a crooked line makes me think that this is going to be a struggle...but like every other challenge...I will walk that steep line to success

Haircuts are often very cathartic and therapeutic. More often than not, they indi-cate that you are getting rid of something that is no longer desirable or useful to you. They represent drastic change in your life whether it be in your relationships, career pursuits, or travel and leisure. We will consider symbols in your dream in-cluding hair, a haircut, the trimmer, the crooked line that repeated itself, and your subdued fears of an upcoming career change.

Hair: Hair is a symbol of power—whether it be physical, mental/intellectual, or emotional power or control in a situation. To dream of making a drastic change to your hairstyle is to dream of making a drastic or dramatic move or shift in your life.

Haircut: To dream of cutting your hair is to dream of a temporary loss of power or moment of weakness. In reference to the Bible story of Samson and Delilah, when Delilah cuts Samson's long hair, she actually robs him of all of his power and leaves him weak. Hair grows back, however, and your power will return to you if you monitor your actions. By reshaping or reorganizing your habits, mental-ity, and general feelings about your journey, you can dramatically change the na-ture of your life. Dispel any fears that you have about an upcoming career change and focus on operating from a place of power and strength. You will overcome your doubts and weaknesses or shortcomings and be successful. Al-ternatively, to cut your hair could mean that you are releasing yourself from something or someone which no longer serves your higher purpose. You are lit-erally clearing space and clearing the decks to make way for something new in your life.

Trimmer: The fact that you are in control of the trimmer suggests that you are tak-ing full responsibility for every move you make at this time. You have decided to get rid of something which no longer serves your highest truth, and you are liter-ally cutting away at it to make way for new growth, healing, transformation, and renewal.

Crooked Line above your ear: When a line appears crooked in a dream, it means that something is amiss or out of line and out of order. Something is either out of place or simply not right about a situation. This could directly reflect your fears in waking life and waking consciousness about your career change. You could be feeling uncertain of what is up ahead because you cannot predict your future, you can only create it moment to moment. The fact that the line is placed above your ear is significant as this represents good listening. Remember to cheek in with your inner self and deepest feelings about a situation or set of circumstances be-fore you act. You will always receive sound guidance from your instincts and in-tuition, and then perhaps the line will disappear or be replaced by a smooth hair trim.

Career Change (subconscious fears): Your subconscious doubts and fears have manifested in this dream as the haircut (potential loss of your power place in life) and the crooked line (something being out of order or not quite right about the situation).

These dream symbols reveal that you are entering a new phase of your life and you are cutting away at whatever is no longer true for you. By taking hold of the trimmer, you are taking full responsibility for your actions and life's direction. You can set things back in order by reclaiming your personal power, dispelling your doubts, and making room for a new great shift in your life which can bring you much success if you would replace your anxiety with self-confidence.

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