Holding Hands with a Classmate/Friend Dream Interpretation


Um. You see a few days ago, I had this dream and I was waiting for the predrestrain light to hit the green but it took a long time. Then next to me was complete random people and one of them was one of my language classmate (opposite sex), not sure if they call me a friend. Anyways as the light turns green, he held my hand then as we continued to walk down the road, he slowly shift to holding hands to the one where you have your fingers and someone fingers in-between my hands, the weird thing is as they slowly shifted, I could actually feel the warmth and the movement. Then I suddenly woke up with the feeling still in my hand. What does this mean?

Whenever we dream of waiting on something, whether it be a traffic light or simp-ly waiting in an airport terminal for our turn to fly, it indicates that we need to move forward with patience and awareness. Dreaming of public displays of affec-tion is indicative of a new relationship, but as said, this will require patience and time. We will investigate symbols from your dream including pedestrians/the pe-destrian signal, the group of people surrounding you, a familiar classmate, walk-ing down the road together and holding hands, and the sensation of criss-crossing fingers while holding hands.

Pedestrians/waiting at the pedestrian signal: People crossing before you at a traffic signal symbolizes high activity or a period of renewal of friendships. The fact that you are sitting at the light and waiting is a clear sign that your patience will be tested as you wait to learn more about this new person or relationship which is entering your life.

Group of people surrounding you: The presence of a group of people around you is indicative of a strong and active social life.

A familiar classmate: Often our subconscious substitutes people we know for people we have not yet met. It could be that you will develop an affectionate friendship or relationship with your classmate, however, it is more likely that you are going to meet someone new who will enter your life in a familiar setting such as school or work.

Walking down the road together: Whenever you journey together with someone in tandem, it is a symbol of balance and harmony in our connection with another soul.

Holding hands: This public display of affection is a very warm, soft, and sincere way to reveal mutual feelings. Simply holding hands indicates a slow, soft intro-duction to a relationship in this case.

The sensation of criss-crossing fingers while holding hands: This is a literal inter-weaving of your energy fields and it represents a very strong, powerful connec-tion between you and this other person. Again, this may not be your classmate but could likely be another peer you will meet in the future. You share a very strong bond and amicable connection with this person, and your souls are some-how already familiar with each other.

You are, at the present moment according to this dream, opening up to the pos-sibility of a relationship with another person. This person could be someone with whom you are already familiar, or it could be someone that you are soon to meet. Either way, it will be one of your peers. One important aspect of this new devel-opment in your life is that you will need your patience and commitment to see this new relationship through to fruition.

Comments: Holding Hands with a Classmate/Friend Dream Interpretation

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Sabrina 2022-03-23 21:56:29
So, basically I had a dream where I was walking down the hall at school to a random classroom. On the way, a classmate of mine (opposite sex) asked where I was going. I replied with, “Room E9” and then he asked if he could come. Nervous, I agreed since I had only talked to him once. Then he suddenly grabbed my hand as we walked to the classroom. Next thing I know, I’m on my phone in class, and we turn to look at each other and giggle. Then just as class starts, the dream resets into the same thing as before. The only difference is instead of asking if he could come, he just said, “I’m coming too” and grabbed my hand.

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