Lake, Ocean, Children, and Woman Dream Interpretation


I had a dream of 2 kids playing and they came up on a lake r it could have been a pond and the little boy was pushing the little girl on some type of board r something then somehow he let go and started sinking under at first he just didn't fight he just starting sinking then all of a sudden he started to fight to get back to the top but it was to late he drowned but the little girl was out of the water and safe she notice he was missing but just thought he went home and left her alone so she went home hours later someone notice he was missing and they started to search for him they found him but my mother carried his body he was of no relations to my mother, then I had another dream of a woman at the ocean just standing and looking out and a big wave came and wash her out to see she also drowned in both of these dreams I didn't no anyone except my mother carring the body of the drowned little boy

Whether the water is shallow or deep indicates the depth of emotion that is in-volved in a particular dream sequence. To dream of drowning in water is to dream of being overwhelmed, while to dream of standing at the water represents being in touch with one's emotions on a pensive level. We will examine symbols from your dream including children, the lake, the board, sinking, drowning of the little boy, the search for the child, the woman, the ocean, the drowning of the woman, and the body.

Children: Children always represent childlike innocence, purity, and trust in the universe. As children, we believe in everything that brings us joy and happiness.

The lake: The lake is indicative of a great depth of emotion. Lakes are bodies of water that are associated with goddess and feminine energies. They are the en-ergies of nurturing, self-nourishment, and grace.

The board: The board is a toy in this case. This is also linked to innocence and playfulness. It is not a negative influence, despite the fact that it leads to the chil-dren sinking under the water. It is a recreational tool the children were simply playing with in order to stay afloat.

Sinking/drowning: To dream of sinking beneath the water and drowning is to dream of being completely overwhelmed. Either your own or someone else who you know's inner child is being tampered with, or is presently experiencing fear, self-doubt, and anxiety about a situation. This will take time to recover from, but it is not fatal. It simply indicates that too much is going on and things appear chaot-ic and frustrating at the moment. This will clear.

The Search for the child: The search for the child is likely the pursuit of one's own inner child who we all too often bury deep inside ourselves. We forget to look af-ter our childlike qualities of trust and faith in nature and the universe to guide us along in our journeys. We forget to be playful and free. Searching for this child is the attempt to procure it from its hiding place and bring it back to life or restore it to health and feelings of safety and security.

The Woman: The woman at the ocean represents a more mature, feminine aspect of your own nature. She is a manifestation of the qualities of nurturing, wisdom, and soft strength within you that you need to empower and bring forward at this time.

The Ocean: Like the lake, the ocean is a deep and vast body of water which indi-cates deep and vast emotions at play. Oceans represent the collective con-sciousness of humanity and all creation as well. The vast sea of consciousness maintains all our shared and individual dreams. To dream of standing at the ocean is to dream of oneself standing before the sum total of all that we are. Em-brace this moment, as it is a moment of power in the dreamtime.

Drowning at the ocean: Just as the child drowned in the lake, the woman drowning in the ocean is overwhelmed by her untamed emotions. She struggles to identify the core problem and sinks beneath the chaos rather than staying afloat.

The Body: The body of the child is a sacred gift and blessing in this dream. Be-cause the boy represents an aspect of yours or someone else who you know's inner child, the retrieval of the body equates to the retrieval of the inner child. This child (innocence and playfulness) can be restored to health and brought back to life, set back in motion, and given guidance.

According to the symbols and events of this dream, you or someone you know has entered into a period of tumultuous emotions. Now is not the time to sink be-neath the throws of chaotic, tempestuous waves and torrents. Rather, now is the time to be bold, take charge of your inner child and mature inner self, and stand strong. Do not give into the rising tide of your emotions or struggles, doubts, and fears, but rather flow with each moment as it comes and let go. Surrender, and you will stay afloat.

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