Light Rail Accident and Resuscitation Dream Interpretation


I dreamt last night about this scary gory incident, me and my boyfriend had just left my aunties for dinner we pulled out and started driving up this small street just to our luck a ambulance popped up behind us he starts freaking out looking for somewhere to pull over so we just keep driving straight and run into a light rail the ambulance was now infringing of us the light rail stops on the breaks really really hard causing the ambulance to crash into the back of it some how the dead bodie flew into the light rail people start screaming we get out the car my boyfriend flips the guy on the stretcher to his back side to start bringing him to life with the little but of life left in him the guy on the stretcher was about in his 30's maybe 40's light skin all white clothing I started crying I was scared so much was going on and then the person who was controlling the train steps out because she sees blood by the sewers and trash and I'm talking about like a 100 bodies worth of blood maybe even more I didn't see any more bodies besides that random guy on the stretcher and suddenly I woke up ... I'm not sure what this means but I know it means something

Accidents can always indicate wake up calls in our lives when we are meant to pay more attention to the details of our day-to-day realities. If we are not paying attention, the universe sends us signals and messages regarding our present condition. These messages and hints alert us to what we need to change or prepare ourselves for in the near future in our waking consciousness. We are going to study your dream symbols including dinner at your aunt's house, the ambulance, the light rail, the accident, resus-citation of the man who was injured, and the bodies that were present at first and then nowhere to be found.

Dinner at your aunt's house: Dinner parties in dreams indicate casual, good clean fun. When they are held in good company, they are a symbol of the high life or good times and periods of happiness and celebration. This is a good omen, despite the re-maining content of your dream journey.

Ambulance: The ambulance is always a red flag that could indicate danger, injury, or harm in the near future. Fortunately, the ambulance was not aiming for you or your boyfriend. Ironically, it appeared just in time for the accident.

Light rail: All modes of transportation in dreams indicate a journey. This could refer to the journey that you and your boyfriend are on at present in your current relationship. Given that you were both driving together towards this light rail, it is clear that it is linked somehow to the pace and temperament of your connection together.

Accident: When the ambulance crashed into the light rail, it represented some aspect of your relationship which has lost control or to which you are not paying enough atten-tion. Be sure that you are putting forward your best effort to tend to the needs of each partner in this relationship. If there is something that needs to be addressed, discuss it openly with strong communication. That way all parties are aware of what is happening moment to moment and there is no room for any accident or incident.

Resurrection of the man: Your boyfriend tending to the man who was injured in the accident indicates that he either is now or will, in the near future, tend to some element of your relationship to help heal it or improve it. It could refer to putting the spark back into your relationship and bringing it back to life in a new way.

Bodies present then not: When the light rail operator observed blood and yet there were no bodies, this could indicate that everyone, including the man your boyfriend ini-tially helped, was restored to life without injury. Again, these people would all be ex-tended aspects of your relationship or connection, which means that your relationship has now or will in the future heal from some major shift and transformation and carry on without incident and with renewed strength.

This dream illustrates the fact that you and your boyfriend have endured a break-through in your relationship and avoided disaster together in the form of a potential fight, discrepancy, or literal physical event in 3-D that would have compromised your relationship. The man in the dream whom your boyfriend resuscitates could be an ex-tension of your relationship, meaning that your connection together was restored and set back in motion with greater endurance and solidity following the man's return to life.

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