Massive Wave Dream Interpretation


I was outside with some people when it started drizzling,suddenly i saw a large wave from a far distance.i was so scared. We all ran upstairs, i held onto something very tight and my friend held my leg. I stopped her from holding my leg but she didnt leave it. I was crying aloud, praying for me and my family wherever they were. The wave passed but we were not hurt. We met ourselves in a street, with people outside, everything seem fine until a wave was coming in form of an animal. People started running to the sides. The wave passed and another came in form of a small animal but nobody was hurt.thats it and i woke up.what does that mean?

When water appears, the depth of that emotion which it represents always parallels the depth of the body of water you are dealing with in a dream. Ponds, rivers, and pools all deal with relatively shallow emotion compared to gushing rivers and oceans. We will dissect symbols from your dream including the crowd, the rain, the large wave, your friend's presence, your family's absence, feelings of fear and anxiety represented by your tears, spirit animal presence, and the peaceful resolution.

Crowd of people: Dreaming of a crowd of people indicates that you are in good com-pany, regardless of whether you know the people well or not. Crowds are generally linked to events such as parties and formal gatherings, so this could be linked to an up-coming event or celebration in your waking consciousness.

The rain: The drizzle that you experienced is a very good sign. Rain is always a symbol of fertility and harvest, which is its ultimate outcome. It is a nourishing Earth energy with a sacred power of cleansing, healing, and renewing things, people, or situations and circumstances.

Anxiety manifested as a large wave: The large wave is a symbol of rising emotions, as all water is linked to emotion in some way, shape, or form. Waves always indicate feelings of being overwhelmed, anxious, or afraid. Fear always stems from the concern that one will lose something, especially control over a situation. Tsunamis are very rare-ly literal symbols in dreams, and most often associated with anxiety.

Spirit animal: Another of the earth energies are spirit animals. These beings represent earth power in a unique way in that they are personified by the qualities and character-istics of the animal in question. It would be useful to know which animal you saw specif-ically. However, the fact that the animal metamorphosed into a wave means that your subconscious has literally turned your fears and anxieties into a beast that you must tame with steady emotion, deep calm, and clarity of intent.

Peaceful resolution: The peace and tranquility that surfaces at the end of this dream is indicative that you are entering a period of gentle reflection and deeper appreciation for all that you have which is going quite well. A bright future radiates on the horizon.

The possible message of this dream is that you are anxious for all the wrong reasons regarding a certain friendship, relationship, or situation. If you are attending an upcom-ing gathering, you could be sensing the onset of the collective emotions of everyone present in the group. Do not interpret these as your own emotions, but rather safely de-tach and dissociate from the If you are presently experiencing difficulty in your friend-ship or connection with this person who you met when you ran up the staircase, then pause and take a step back from the relationship. Observe yourself and the other per-son with compassion and see what interpersonal conflict can be safely resolved there. Whatever the source of your discomfort, your subconscious has personified this rise in emotions and stress as a beast that you must learn to tame with deep calm, inner sta-bility, and trust that everything will work out just as it should. Have no fear, because the future looks peaceful and worry-free.

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