Meeting New & Familiar Friends at the Pool Dream Interpretation


I had a unpredictable dream. I was at the pool, and I met these three boys. We hung out for a little while, and then one of them had to go do something real quick, so we all split up. Then I went to the entrance of the pool house, and saw this girl I felt like I knew, she looked SOOO familiar. And we knew eachother in the dream. We were happy to see eachother again, but then, I woke up, and I still felt as if I knew her, but I don't remember meetig her in real life, or seeing her in any of my other dreams....I'm so confused... Help? I don't know why I dreamt of different types of people.

Past lives are where we meet our lifelong friends. They journey with us through many lifetimes and help us work through situations and events which help us refine and purify our soul. Past life friendships return to us in times of great need, shifts, and transitions in our lives. The girl you meet in this dream is more than likely representative of a past life friendship. This dream includes a pool, three boys, splitting up and going separate ways, an entrance to a pool house, a familiar girl or woman, and the potential purpose of meeting this girl.

Pool/water: The pool is a symbol of shallow emotional depth within you. Dreaming of a small body of water indicates that this situation or set of circumstances is not pulling you too much into your emotions. You are mostly level, above ground, and even-keeled. This is a casual matter of simply hanging out with new friends. Pools or being by the poolside is also indicative of happy affairs and relaxation. You are taking time out to relax, enjoy life, and indulge in being young, carefree, and not working too hard. Take time to relish in this and bask in the sun!

Three boys: Three is a number of magic, divinity, and intuition. Three is the number of the sacred trinity. Three forms a triangle. Triangles are the strongest structures in geometry and architecture. Trust that three in this case is a number of protection. You seek shelter in friendship and good company, and among these three boys, it seems you have found it. Regardless of whether these are people you know in 3-D, they may be companions or friends from your past, present, or future who will bring you comfort and joy.

Splitting up and going separate ways: When you all split up and went your separate ways, it simply meant that your connection was taking a break from being united. Whenever people join together and separate, it is because your motivations or intentions have temporarily changed. Especially regarding the one boy who left abruptly to do something quickly, something shifted within the conversation or hangout session which caused you all to part and go your own way. This is only temporary, as the quality time you spent with these individuals will likely result in a reunion in another setting or context.

Entrance of the pool house: Doorways, entrances, balconies, and so on are all places of calm, joy, inner radiance, and new beginnings. Whenever you enter into a new place and find yourself standing at the entrance, you can imagine you are either welcoming something or someone new into your life or being received by something or someone new. That is to say, a brand new experience is taking shape in your life and you have arrived just in time to experience it and enjoy it.

Familiar girl: Sometimes people we have never met before in this lifetime enter into our dreams and alert us to their presence soon to come into our lives. When we see someone we can't quite place and yet feel kindred with, it is possibly a manifestation of a past life connection rebirthing itself into our present lifestream. This is a good sign. You obviously feel connected to this person. Regardless of whether you know her now in 3-D, you will likely soon meet and be reunited.

Purpose of meeting the girl in your dreams: The purpose of meeting this new girl in your dreams will either reveal itself in further dreams to come, or it will reveal itself in 3-D with a friendship or connection you find with a female friend. It is likely that you will meet again in your dreams before you meet in the 3-D physical realm. Always check in with the way that you feel. A person's feelings never lie, and they always reveal the truth in a situation. If you felt warmth, connection, and immediate kinship, then you can trust that this is a familiar friend and a reunion.

In times of great need, our past lives manifest for us what has worked in the past to help us move forward and transition safely. We need friendship because our friends help us define who we are and what we are capable of achieving in this or any other lifetime. If you feel close kinship with the girl who appeared in your dream, you can be sure that she is a past-life connection who is reappearing or reentering your life at this time to help you learn lessons and continue evolving safely and soundly.

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