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Last night i had a dream, i was sitting on a building suddenly the building fell down because of earthquake i lost my legs, then i stood up started walking another glass building crashed in front of me. one big piece of glass stuck in my leg, i didn't feel any pain. i went to a crying person and asked "are you hurt, why are you crying" he replied "i am scared", i said him "don't be scared, any ways we are going to die, just enjoy this moment. i am enjoying it because i have never seen an earthquake". In the whole dream i didn't see any one hurt or dead. and i actually enjoyed it because i woke up in a happy mood.

Dreaming of natural disasters reflects great changes or shifts taking place within you on an inner level. Eventually, those changes are reified in 3-D waking consciousness, but the seed of the change takes place in our dreams and in our subconscious. In this dream we'll examine symbols including the building, the earthquake, your legs, lack of pain, the person you encountered, your attitude in response/reaction to the disaster, and the mood that you woke up in which is pertinent to the overall content of the dream.

Building: Buildings in dreams are reflections of the storehouse of our memory and our consciousness. Buildings store things like an archive in our minds, helping us file, categorize, and compartmentalize our life experiences throughout our journey. To see yourself sitting on top of a building is to be situated in a position of great perspective. You can see the aerial view or bigger picture of your life and you are in control and in power because you are on top.

Earthquake: The earthquake in this dream is directly linked to a shake up or shake down taking shape in your life. It represents the degree to which you will feel impacted by the experience. This is no small interruption to your daily affairs; rather, it is poignant, if not epic. Be on the lookout.

Your Legs: The fact that you experience a personal physical injury indicates that you might have to do some clean up after this change manifests in your life. Whatever it is that you will confront and face, it has the power or potential to shake you at your own foundation. Your legs bare your body weight, and they are crucial for you to be able to function. If they are compromised in a dream, you can assume something major has happened. The transformation that takes shape when your legs return to you and you find yourself walking again is a great sign that you will simply pick up and move forward following this transitional phase.

Lack of pain: The lack of pain that you experience indicates strength of character. You can roll with the punches and take the hits as they come without being phased. This works in your favor.

Person you encountered: When you reached out to the other individual who was harmed in the disaster, you were actually reaching put to an aspect or manifestation of your own consciousness. You showed compassion, so that compassion and comfort will be shown to you. All energy in life is reflexive.

Attitude in response to the disaster: Your lackadaisical, carefree attitude about this disaster or shift/change in your life is a great sign that you will pass through it with flying colors. Nothing can stand in the way of your self-improvement or forward progress.

Mood you woke up in: The fact that you woke up feeling elated, overjoyed, and a deep sense of calm about the ordeal is further confirmation of the fact that you will survive whatever shakedown is in the cards for you. Have no fear, and walk the path of tenacity and endurance with courage and a strong sense of self. You will make it through this time easily.

This dream reveals that there are major shifts brewing within you. However, if you hold steady and never give up, you will pass through them with flying colors. You are self-confident and fearless in the face of danger, and you enjoy the thrill of riding out the highs and lows that this life offers you. Your carefree, whimsical attitude about life shines through your actions and behavior in the dream.

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Kasey 2018-05-09 23:21:49
I have this horrible dream. I was a restaurant with friends when suddenly there was a rumble from earthquakes, we scream and try get out but it was locked. Next thing a tornado appeared and swooped us and saw a mirror broke by the wind. We cried and screamed and thought we all gonna die. When we look down, we see a tsunami heading other direction and on the other side was bunch of people running away from the gunman. We were so scared for life and all the sudden we fell and we all survived. Then I saw many people got killed. That was scary. I cried and I was happy to see my family alive and we decided to move to another country. Then before we did that, we saw our old house and it was destroyed and saw a wheelchair, broken. I'm scared, I hope nothing bad is gonna happen. Please tell me please.

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