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Last night I went to sleep there was a ouiji borad in front of me and candles there were wind that kept moving around me and there where 2 women they said that I have a encounter with a violent demon and it grabbed me by the neck and back and it was writing something on the floor using me and then I squeezed so tight when I woke up my back was hurting and my neck

Whenever tools of divination appear in a dream, it is because some part of our subcon-scious or waking consciousness wants us to access another dimension to procure in-formation we think is important to us here and now. Some of the guides we meet along that journey are helpful to us and others are not. We have to be careful what energies we allow ourselves to engage with and pay close attention to the wisdom that we hear. We will deconstruct symbols from your dream including the Ouija board, candles, the presence of the two women, the lure of the supernatural, and the importance of learn-ing to discern between good and bad spirits before committing to any action.

Ouija board: The use of divination tools in a dream always indicates the soul of a per-son who is curious about other dimensions or the supernatural.

Candles: The presence of candles in a dream is simply another divination tactic. Can-dle magic, or the use of fire, is one of the oldest methods of accessing other realms as all beings are composed of some degree of light and heat. They do a great deal to set the tone and atmosphere of a situation, which in this case, takes the form of a seance in the company of two other women.

The two women: These two women in your dream serve as helpful spirit guides whose intent is pure and meant to assist you in your journey. They offer you keen insight into an energy which you could not see or discern for yourself as being negative and dark. Heed whatever advice you can recall them giving you, and if you cannot remember what else they said, then trust that their presence was meant to help you break free from any attachment to that entity.

Lure of the supernatural: Be careful that you are not giving in to ghost stories or ex-citement about the supernatural with immaturity. The other dimensions will flood your consciousness, and if you are ill-prepared to receive messages right away, then you risk being influenced or infringed upon by energies which do not have your best interest at heart. The Ouija board is a symbol of this curiosity and willingness to explore other realms, but be aware and awake at all times if that is your wish to learn more. You must learn how to discern between good and bad spirits before committing to any action or exploring alternate dimensions.

What this dream is stressing to you is that you must learn to check in with your deep-est, truest self before you commit to any action. Before you get up and get ready to take on the day, there are quiet moments in which you can access your greatest poten-tial and infinite possibilities for the day ahead. Nothing is cast in stone, and the best days are days we spend being our unique, independent, individual self without negative influences of others infringing upon our journey. It is imperative that you make sure every action and behavior you submit to with your own will is coming directly from you, and not from an outside source such as a lingering negative spirit which wishes you harm. The two women appeared as helpful guides just in time to alert you to the fact that you were acting out of character because of this external energy. Do not be afraid or alarmed, but simply be aware that we live in a sea of consciousness with some ener-gies that are benevolent and some that are jealous we get to have this beautiful experi-ence of living and evolving day to day with our loved ones.

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