Plane Crash Dream Interpretation


I just now woke up from a dream of a commercial plane crashing. I don't know where I was but it appeared to be a lobby of some sort looking out on the airport. I caught in my peripheral vision a commotion and when I looked in that direction it was a plane losing control and plowing into the ground or what ever was below this building I was in. I ran out of the building and I knew I had to get to my daughter because she was nearby. I found her, of all places, inside of a grocery store. She said we need to buy food. I keep saying, "We are going to die, we need to get out of here!". She said, "But. Mom, we are going to need food". As we neared the front of the store you could see people running in all directions and the environment outside of that store window was chaos. It looked like ash and burning rubble, all gray, black, and white. You felt the impending doom. We started running outside of the store and around to the back of the building. I never made it to whereever it was we were going because I woke up..

Sometimes accidents occur to reveal a shake up in our lives which can be devastating or simply offer a mild wake up call. In this particular dream, a new direction or new beginning plotted out in your life did not take shape or take flight the way it was intended to. You are lucky you and your daughter escaped together to safety. This dream includes a plane crash, airport lobby setting, grabbing your daughter and protecting her, grocery store setting, buying food/sustenance to ride out the disaster, debris, chaos, and waking up prematurely.

Plane crash: The plane crash is disconcerting, regardless of the context or circumstances. Planes are often representative of new ideas taking off and attempting to take flight or manifest new beginnings or directions in a person's life. In this instance, the new idea or new project did not take shape as one had wished, but rather came to a crashing halt prematurely. Do not be alarmed. The fact that you were not on the plane but were safe instead is fortunate.

Airport lobby setting: This is a dimension of safety for you. You find protection and solace here. You are able to watch the plane crash at a safe distance. Your subconscious has set up a realm for you of protection, security, and liberation from what could have been a major disaster in your life which you safely escaped. Lobbies are also central hubs where we connect with other people. It could be that a project you were working on with others has experienced some sort of hiccup or snare. Look to your career and current projects to see if this applies. Otherwise, be grateful that no matter what, you were safe in this experience and no harm came to you or anyone you know.

Grabbing your daughter and protecting her: Your motherly instinct to protect your child paid off, as you were able to find her and make sure that she was safe as well. It is significant that your daughter appears in this dream before any other family member, because it reveals how important her safety and protection are to you in your waking state. We often dream about what we think about during our day. Your daughter is clearly of utmost importance to you, as is your role as a mother, and you are a great one.

Grocery store setting: Grocery stores are symbols of needing to nourish, nurture, and look after oneself or one's companions and friends. We find what we need there to survive and sustain ourselves. This setting is a safe setting, despite the chaos that is taking shape in other parts and segments of this dream. It is good that you found your daughter there, and smart on her part to know that you would need goods to ride out the disaster.

Buying food/sustenance to ride it all out: Again, your daughter took the initiative to help support and nourish you and your family together. She is wise beyond her years, picking a contextual setting that would provide you with the sustenance necessary to get through a disaster, especially in the event that the plane crash was not an isolated incident but connected to other accidents or organized plots. You can trust that you and your daughter are in sync and both invested in the protection, safety, and proliferation of your family.

Ash, burning rubble, and debris: The ash, burning rubble, and debris that you see are the means by which your subconscious illustrates the disaster or the halting of the new project/new beginning/new direction in your life experience. These are mere details that your subconscious uses to fill in the negative space of the dream sequencing, graphic though they may be. Do not be alarmed. It is simply your mind's way of translating and conveying the idea that something did not come to fruition the way it was meant to manifest originally.

Chaos inside and outside the supermarket: The chaos inside and outside the supermarket reflects internal conflict, anguish, fear, or anxiety on your part, but also on the part of the human collective. In the event of any disaster, there would likely be much chaos in response, especially at such close proximity. Applied to your 3-D waking consciousness, in the event that a current project you are working on does not take shape or take flight, there may be chaos or unrest in response to the halting of the project.

Waking up before resolution: More often than note, we pull ourselves out of dreams before we see them in full detail. Some aspect of our consciousness kicks into gear and protects us from knowing the outcome of certain situations to give us the opportunity to work them out for ourselves in 3-D. Be patient and wait for answers to come.

It is likely that your subconscious is signaling to you the need to pay attention to any present or near-future projects in which you have invested yourself. It is possible that a new beginning, new direction, or new set of circumstances in your life will not manifest the way you expected. You should not fear, because whatever it is that happens will not harm you or your loved ones in any way.

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