Rat and Hamster Wrestling Dream Interpretation


I dreamt I was at home, and I saw a rat attacking my hamster. I got so mad, I rippedal it mouth open with my bare hands. Soon after, I saw another rat, still the same dream, going after my hamster again. I caught it, squeezed it hard and threw it hard from the 6th floor and saw it bounce up to about 4th floor. I walked back to my brother's room and ask them if I should see a doctor cause I thought I might have gotten a cut from wrestling the rats. The size of the rat is like a kitten.

We will ponder symbols from your dream including your apartment/home, the rat, the hamster, your anger and frustration regarding the animals' behavior, the fight between the rat and hamster, the significance of the fourth and sixth floors, your brother's room, and wanting to see a doctor about a potential virus.

Apartment/home: To see your home in your dream symbolizes feelings of security, safety, shelter, warmth, and protection. It is an indicator that your home environ-ment is your preferred place to be.

The rat: Rats can symbolize greed, jealousy, and envy. They are related to dirt, uncleanliness, decay, and destruction. The fact that the rat is the size of a kitten reveals that this collection of negative influences is a larger burden for you than normal. Be sure that you keep your honor, virtue, and integrity in tact to avoid fur-ther disruption from what is behaving as a pest in your dream.

The hamster: Hamsters represent shallow emotions which lack depth or definition. You are living on the surface in some area of your life if not across the board, and it is time that you evaluate how you truly feel about the way things are going in your journey. The appearance of the hamster in your dream shows that you might be isolating yourself from others a bit more than you normally would. Try to engage with others and lead a more active social life.

Anger/frustration regarding the animals' behavior: Your anger and frustration about the way the animals are behaving is a signal that you are upset about two oppos-ing aspects of your own inner self. The rat and the hamster represent qualities and characteristics of your own nature at present. You are trying to control them in your own way, as made evident when you throw the hamster (which you caught with your bare hands—another symbol of you taking back power and con-trol in this situation) from the 6th floor to the 4th floor. Your anger is not unfound-ed; it is simply an indicator that you are displeased and disillusioned with this present state or condition of being. It is within your power to change, so do not worry.

Fighting between the rat and hamster: The rat and hamster fighting represents the battle that is being waged interally for you right now. Some of your qualities are acting out through the animals' behavior. Two components of what makes you who you are are duking it out for territory and supreme power or control over your consciousness and behavior.

4th & 6th floors: Four is a number of balance and six is a number of harmony. Regardless of which floor these animals were on, they were accessing some shade or degree of balance and harmony which are two qualities that you should nurture and nourish within your psyche in order to improve or resolve the situa-tion.

Your brother's room: When you entered into your brother's room, it was like gain-ing a new lease on this battle. You entered into a safe space and sought counsel from someone with whom you are familiar. This has the effect of bringing healing and peace to the conflict.

Procuring medical attention to be safe: It is smart of you to seek out extra assis-tance in this case. However, do not be alarmed that you would need literal medi-cal attention. The kind of care and help that you need are strictly on a mental and emotional level, and can likely be satisfied by speaking with someone close to you and expressing your true, deep-seeded feelings about your life at this mo-ment.

Do not be alarmed or dismayed by the fact that this dream reveals that you are giving in to repressed anger, frustration, fear, doubt, insecurity, feelings of guilt, jealousy, envy, or greed. To make matters more complicated, another aspect of your consciousness is trying to assert itself and it is isolating you from others. This is represented by the hamster, which symbolizes your emotional indiffer-ence to life. You can change everything by shifting your attention to what you love and are passionate about, and by finding new ways to balance your life and engage with others harmoniously. Matters should resolve that way quickly.

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