Resisting a Kidnapping Dream Interpretation


About a month ago, I had a dream that someone was trying to kidnap me. I was in the grocery store because my mom gave me money to get some stuff and was walking around trying to figure out what to buy. A dark skinned, older man with a black and grey mustache came out if no where and started to follow me. I got scared and started walking around, trying to shake him off but he wouldn't stop following me. At the meat section of the store, I went up to the counter and was calling for help, for someone to come because this guy was following me. Before anyone could come out to see what was up the guy came up behind me and put his hand over my mouth and lifted me up. I kicked i screamed, but no one heard me. Thats when i woke up.

Often underlying fears will surface in dreams that we do not necessarily know how to navigate through to safety. This is not a cause for alarm, because it is simply your subconscious's way of signaling to you that something is up and you need to pay attention in your waking life. Try to avoid people and situations that limit or restrict you in any way, as that is what the kidnapping represents. We will refer to symbols from your dream including the kidnapping, grocery store, mother, money, older man, meat, and resisting the kidnapping.

Kidnapping: One aspect of dreaming of being kidnapped is the fear that you will be silenced, censored, or otherwise limited in what you are able to do in the way of work, social life, or other personal choices. It is a manifestation of some fear related to not being in control of your life. Kidnapping can also be indicative of potential causes for concern which may approach you in the near future. There may be an event or set of circumstances that manifests in your life which literally imposes on you with limits or restrictions and makes you feel like you are not the one in power.

Grocery Store (setting): Shopping in your dreams is related to filling the void of emotions or mental and physical niceties that would otherwise leave you feeling satisfied and content in life. To stock up on items that you need could also sym-bolize caring for yourself or tending to your household, so it is not necessarily a negative dream symbol. Look to your life and see what aspects of it you may need to further nurture or nourish to good health and good standing. The items that you are shopping for are significant, so always try to remember as many of those details as possible.

Your mother: To dream of your mother is to dream of security or a source of con-fidence, strength, nurturing, and care in your life. This is a figure who represents calm, safety, and trust.

Money: To dream of receiving money means that you are being looked after by someone you trust and who cares about your safety and stability in life. To dream of carrying money on your person represents abundance.

The older man with the mustache: The older man with the mustache whom you de-scribe is simply a manifestation of the source of limitation or restriction that could potentially appear in your life in 3-d waking consciousness. If this man is not someone you know in waking reality, then it is simply a projection of your sub-conscious fears about being kidnapped, displaced, or separated from who and what make you feel safe and secure.

Meat (section in the grocery store): The meat in your dream is significant because it is a source of high, refined energy and strength. You went to a zone in the mar-ket where people satisfy their need for added strength to sustain themselves. In your case, it is to withstand your fear and the threat of being kidnapped. It is also significant that you journeyed to the meat section of the grocery store because that department holds the most tools that you could use in your defense against and enemy or attacker in the event that you would need to take measures to pro-tect yourself.

Resisting the Kidnapping: Your resistance to the kidnapping is indicative of a strong will. The fact that you are fighting off this stranger and attacker shows that you had enough time to prepare a defense against the threat of danger and were as best prepared as you could be. Do not be alarmed by the fact that he tackled you and held you temporarily. This sequence in the dream reveals that you still have the power to take back control in this situation if you simply do not give up and do not concede any territory to external influences in your life which are neg-ative, limiting, or restrictive.

You have recently been, are now, or may in the near future encounter a set of circumstances or situation in which you feel limited, restricted, and isolated from the things and people you need for basic survival and success. This dream teaches and guides you through the stages of this to prepare you for what may come next. If that is approaching, then you can work through it by asserting your-self just as you did when you resisted the man's attack. Stand firm, hold your ground, and do not give your enemies or those negative influences any ground. Avoid negative energies in your life, and allow yourself maximum room for growth, expansion, healing, and self-expression.

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