Rides at the County Fair & Escaping Kidnapping Dream Interpretation


I had a dream I went to the county fair and my friends and my sister refused to go on rides but then I went a ride so they watch I was on a heart swing it went SUPER HIGH. In the clouds and then I got off we went home but my second dream I was going to a house and being babysited and they try to get my iPod and I was with my sister and they tried to kidnap us but I ran out they door

Sometimes we find that we are surrounded by nay-sayers or party poopers. Do not let that deter you from pursuing what you wish to pursue and do. Have fun, celebrate every moment of this life, and allow yourself to let go and enjoy the ride. We will appropriate meanings from symbols from this dream including the county fair, your friends and sister, rides going high, clouds/sky, house, being babysat, iPod, and escaping a kidnapping.

County fair: Dreaming of the county fair is indicative that you have a playful and bold inner child who is always with you and guiding you in this journey. Your subconscious is linked to this inner child's wants, needs, and desires. Allow this aspect of your inner self to help you keep your life light-hearted and carefree. The county fair is also a symbol of an active social life, as many people gather at these events.

Your friends and sister: To dream of being surrounded by others is positive, re-gardless of how others behave. This is because it is important to relate to others on some level and include them in your life's journey. Others represent and re-flect the mirrors in you. The fact that they are not interested in joining you on the ride is nothing to be dismayed by, but rather pay attention to those places in you where you resist doing things that would otherwise bring you joy. Let go of your inhibitions as often as you feel it safe to do so and be free.

Rides going high: When you reach great heights in a dream, it is because you are reaching great heights or approaching new achievements and success in your personal life, relationships, or career.

Clouds/sky backdrop: Viewing the clouds or sky as your backdrop while you are on the ride is a great sign of an expansive and limitless inner self. You have ac-cessed your infinite potential and you are seeing it reflected in a sky without lim-its.

House: In the second segment of your dream, the house represents security, safety, warmth, shelter, and family. To be in your own house means that you are safe on familiar ground or turf.

Being Babysat: Again, this is indicative of your inner child acting out or speaking up in order to receive attention from you. Your subconscious manifested the inner child's fears and anxieties by recalling a time when you were looked after by an adult other than your parents.

iPod: This iPod is a manifestation of your fear of losing assets. It could be that you were afraid something might be taken from you at the county fair among a crowd of people and this simply seeped into the second dream segment. Or, it could simply be that you fear in your waking life that someone might take some-thing that belongs to you without your permission. Replace this fear with certainty that everything will be ok and simply look after your belongings with extra cau-tion.

Escaping the kidnapping: Escaping the kidnapping indicates that your inner child is afraid she or he will be limited, restricted, or confined. It is your hope to be com-pletely free and get to play as often as possible. Do things that bring you joy and give you the opportunity to express yourself.

Looking at the elements of this particular dream, we can see that you have a strong, loud, playful, and intelligent inner child. This aspect of your conscious-ness is with you as a guide to help you keep your life lighthearted and entertain-ing. Don't allow others to rain on your parade; enjoy yourself and celebrate life. You are reaching new heights and plateaus within your limitless being!

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