Ski Trip & Dog Dream Interpretation


In my dream a friend of my mums came on a ski trip with us me, mum ,my dog and my mums friend were at the top of a cliff and my mums friend wanted to hold my dog so we let here she through my dog down the cliff later on that evening I took a walk around the cabin and my dog was pinned to the wall and then I woke up

To dream of ones family and friends is to experience a direct reflection of a hap-py, warm, secure, and inviting home life. Your capacity for embracing others and really being able to discern their character and personality traits is very strong. It helps you make important decisions about whom you will share yourself with and who you will discard or simply avoid. These are decisions we all must make. We will closely scrutinize symbols from your dream including your friends and family, the ski trip, the cliff, the act of endangerment of an animal, and your dog.

Friends and family: Friends and family are representative of your social life, love life, home life, and personal progress in relationships with others. They are to-kens of your appreciation for life everyday, and they are your greatest teachers, companions, and confidants. To dream of them shows that you value them deep-ly and that they are in your life to help you evolve and progress at this time, re-gardless of where you go or what it is that you are doing together.

Ski trip: To dream of skiing is to dream of a carefree, fun lifestyle together. To dream of a trip or vacation indicates a time of great leisure and joy to be shared in good company which are either in the near future or indicative of reliving a past memory. Often trips and vacations will resurface when our soul groups need to connect and share messages with each other. They are the perfect setting for learning about others and being mirrors for one another to help each other grow and become more.

The cliff: Steep heights and cliffs can be symbols of achievement, tenacity, greatness, success, but also fears, doubts, and challenges. In this case, you have reached a peak within yourself and in the company of those whom you love and care about deeply. Additionally, you have reached a new level of awareness and you are able to pierce the veil of illusions to see the truth and reality behind situations and circumstances, as in the case of your mother's friend. You can see through her character and personality to a truth you might not have recognized before. To be able to access this kind of information lucidly reveals that you are a highly adept soul with much insight into the human condition.

Act of endangerment: The fact that your mother's friend threw your dog down the cliff is a clear representation of an evil aspect of her character. It could be repre-sentative of her repressed anger or desire to have what you have, such as jeal-ousy or envy.

Your dog: Dogs are always protectors. They remain loyal and compassionate to-wards their owners and never leave their side, even in death. The fact that you found your dog later pinned to a wall could indicate your dog's survival and strength. However, I would need more information regarding whether the dog managed to return to full function to be sure of that.

The collection of events, qualities, and characteristics of this dream show that you have reached a new peak or height within your emotional and mental capaci-ty. You are now able to see through illusions and facades to the truth and heart of the matter. You are equipped with a new gift and ability to read a person's char-acter in the dreamtime, which is a sacred gift of insight and enhanced perception. Be cautious of people whose character is revealed to you in dreams, but always be kind, caring, and compassionate towards them. Your dog will be perfectly fine.

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