Skin Blemish & Disease Dream Interpretation


My dream was that I had a few large pimple looking things on me and my husband who I'm separated from, and just learned if his affair he had been having was helping pop the pimples, a long black string would start to come out and he pulled it out with tweezers, attached to the hair would be a small white meal worm looking or small white fuzzy caterpillar. I started getting more and more of them all over my body and they would become infected looking not even knowing they were there. He would help me get the ones I couldn't reach. And I got others. But every one had a long black string and worm. It was freaking me out and woke up from the dream.

Occasionally people from our past will enter into our dreams to give us a wake up call of some sort. Sometimes, characteristics and qualities of who they are now reveal themselves. This dream includes pimples/skin blemishes, the appearance of your ex-husband, an affair, long black string and tweezers, and a white worm/caterpillar.

Pimples on you and your husband: Pimples or any blemish on the skin indicates inconsistency in character. If there is a physical flaw such as this, which is typically minor, it is either something about the quality of a person's character that has gone unnoticed or simply isn't something major to be alarmed by. That is, it could be a symbol of temptation, or lack of virtue, honesty, or integrity in smalll affairs. It is significant that there is an affair in this dream, because that is linked to living without virtue, honest, or integrity. It is a serious mark and a character flaw which negatively impacts not only the person in question, but others who are similarly affected by that action and behavior. Human beings tend to manifest the truth of who they are deep down within, and those manifestations ultimately appear on the surface. In this way, your dream manifests it literally on the skin.

Appearance of husband from whom you are separated: The appearance of your ex could simply be your subconscious rousing from an awakening in which you are resolving issues from your previous relationship. Ex lovers and companions appear when our subconscious is healing over past unresolved interpersonal conflicts in our relationships with others. Consider whether getting together with this person would help clear the air and resolve whatever issues, grudges, or circumstances from your past you might be holding onto and need to let go of in order to heal.

The affair: The affair in the dream is either a representation of your own insecurities and deep fears or anxieties about being in a relationship with someone else, or it is a literal affair that may or may not have happened/will happen. This is linked to sexual deviancy and a lack of a sound character in an individual. However, if you were not together as a couple or in a relationship in the dream, then it is no fault of your ex for simply acting on impulse outside of the relationship.

Long black string & tweezers: The long black string is a further manifestation of lies, deceit, and betrayal. It appears as a long track record, or long list, or something lengthy regarding betrayal overtime. The tweezers are simply one's way of getting rid of the darkness of that treachery and deceit.

White worm/caterpillar: This is specifically linked to disease and sexual shadow. White worms are sometimes representative of disease like lyme disease or lupus, but in this case, this is most likely not to be taken literally. This could also be a reflection of a sexually transmitted disease from promiscuous sex.

Infection: The infection is a disaster that needs to be addressed immediately, within the context of the dream, which is why you and your ex devote so much time to eradicating it at its roots. It is an unfortunate affair, again linked to the overall themes of treachery, deceit, betrayal, and conduct unbecoming in a relationship. Be careful not to let yourself over think this. Instead, simply keep your consciousness and your conscience as clear as possible and put your efforts into being the best, most respectable version of yourself that you can be and this will clear from you. You are not responsible for healing or clearing this for anyone but yourself. Take responsibility for your own actions and let others do the same.

Collective manifestation of disease in the worms: The collective manifestation of the disease symbolizes the nature of this heinous act. In your dream, your subconscious is making it very important and it does so by expanding the proportion of the pimples and the worms. Clear up your subconscious by focusing on other things in 3-D.

The possible meaning of this dream is that you need to check in with yourself and be in touch with your deepest feelings, emotions, fears, or anxieties about being in a relationship with someone. Do you trust people? Do you feel yourself to be trustworthy? Can you manage relationships in which you feel the threat of betrayal? Ask yourself whether you can build upon trust in your relationship with others and work to remain loyal and true to them yourself first. People are reflections of who we are. If you see something on or inside of someone else, it reflects something about your character, too.

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