Two Dead Cats, One Brought Back to Life Dream Interpretation


I dreamed of two dead cats. I was about to bury them when one of the cats started to weakly meow. I took him out laid him on the ground. I laid on the ground next to him and started to pet him gently. I wanted his last moments to be of kindness if nothing else. I don't remember if I actually saw him move on..

Cats are particularly independent, strong-willed animal spirits with powerful mes-sages in dreams. We will acquire a new understanding of symbols from your dream including the two dead cats, burial, revival or resuscitation, gentle care of animals, feelings and emotions related to restoring life to the cat, and the possi-bility that the cat was revived.

Two dead cats: Cats represent femininity, grace, agility, and an independent spirit. If you dream that a cat is dead, then it means these aspects of your inner being and consciousness are not active or not receiving the nourishment they need to support you in your journey. Black cats are specifically linked to interior land-scapes of magic, intuition, mysticism, and mystery. They also serve as messen-gers, often containing information for you about your current status in life, your relationships, your career, or your home. They are diviners, with a keen eye of perception in realms beyond our immediate detection here in 3-D. Two see two dead black cats indicates that you have lost touch with your intuitive, feminine side which helps you tap into the spiritual and mystical laws of the universe. You are missing out on the magic this life has to offer because you are too stuck in or restricted by mind and emotion. The two dead cats might also represent a rela-tionship in your life, as two is indicative of a couple or a friendship. Check your relationships to be sure that they are not suffocating due to neglect and be sure to nourish your connections to set them back in motion in a healthy manner.

Burial: To dream of burying the cats is to dream of hiding from yourself the very situation or circumstances which require your immediate attention in order to heal and move on in your life. You cannot tuck this problem away or shove it under the rug, but you must face this imbalance head on with courage.

Resuscitation of the one cat: Dreaming of restoring one of the cat's to life is indica-tive that, on some level, you are doing your level best to bring back to life those intuitive, nurturing, soft, feminine and imaginative qualities and characteristics which are a natural part of your divine being.

Gentle care of animals: To dream of being gentle with animals indicates an ad-vanced soul. Your energy actually merged with the energy of the cat, making you both aspects of the same soul in the moment that you extended compassion to it. This means that you have a spirit animal protector in another dimension which cares for an aspect of your consciousness that you needed to desperately heal and bring back to life.

Feelings/Emotions in response to the cat's revival: Your feelings of compassion link you with the power of healing. This is a unique and rare quality in human beings that you revived within you when you resuscitated the cat.

Cat's resurrection: The cat's resurrection is likely, despite the fact that you cannot recall exactly how the dream ended. Whether or not you effectively restored the cat to life, the progress that you were making in restoring it to health is evidence that you are working on a subconscious level to renew your intuitive side and your capacity for embracing the magic of this life.

Something very important is being revealed to you in this dream which is that you have forgotten to nurture your intuitive, feminine, and imaginative characteristics and qualities. As a result, you have suffered a great loss of what would otherwise help you tap into the magic of the universe and catalyze new directions and be-ginnings in your life's journey.

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