Wedding Ring, Proposal, and Pregnancy Dream Interpretation


My boyfriend recently proposed to me. I still haven't told my father but last night I dreamt that as I was telling him I turned the pearl ( I have a pearl wedding ring with a circle of diamonds around it) upside down and it was black with white stripes. I had a dream the other night were I went to an airport to give birth to twins a boy and a girl and then left to go home. My friends and family were overjoyed and extremely excited. Im not trying to get pregnant nor do I want to get pregnant... So what could this mean?

It is very common for women in relationships to dream of being pregnant. It is a great sign when that dream is coupled with segments about a marriage proposal, as a sacred union combined with pregnancy is very fortuitous. Dreaming of preg-nancy means to dream of creative abundance and a time rich with new energy in your life. We will explore symbols from your dream including your boyfriend, the proposal/engagement, the wedding ring, pearls, diamonds, the colors black and white, stripes, boy and girl twins, pregnancy, and your friends and family.

Your boyfriend: To dream of one's boyfriend, girlfriend, or partner in a dream is indicative of a strong mental, physical, and emotional bond with that person. You have allowed them into your sacred dream space where they take up residence and influence you on multiple levels of space and time. This is a good sign.

The proposal/engagement: To dream of being engaged reveals that your relation-ship will last and is very strong, sensitive, and fulfilling of yours and your part-ner's needs at this time. It indicates a strong future ahead for you both that is built upon trust, harmony, balance, and a divine union of the qualities and characteris-tics which make up who you both are.

The wedding ring: The wedding ring would be an extended symbol of yours and your boyfriend's commitment to one another. Again, it is a symbol of trust, bal-ance, and divine union which is solid and unbreakable.

Pearls: Pearls in dreams are symbols of purity and it is a bearer of good news. They represent beauty, grace, abundance, and wisdom.

Diamonds: Diamonds are a crystal of the rarest chemistry because it is so refined. They represent power, love, healing, depth of perception, clarity, and inner truth. Diamonds reflect are truest nature and they do not tear or weather. Like the pearls, the appearance of diamonds heralds new joy, new beginnings, and hap-piness.

Color Black: To see the color black indicates that there is something not yet re-vealed, something hidden which remains to be seen. It could indicate that there is something being suppressed, which makes sense because it is juxtaposed with its opposite

Color White: White in this dream presents a strange dichotomy because it is loud, out in the open, and reveals much. White is not a color of hiding or repression, but rather a color of purity, intuition, expression, wisdom, and truth.

Stripes: Stripes in this dream indicates a fickle personality or temporary two-sided nature. Black contrasted with white reveals that much is in order and much still needs to be unveiled or brought forth in your relationship. Be open and commu-nicative to resolve this.

Boy and Girl twins: Boy and girl twins represent balance and harmony. They are extensions of your partnership and strong relationship. To see children in your dream reveals that your relationship is not only strong and long-lasting, but it maintains the power and potential of creation/creativity, which you and your part-ner should both nourish.

Pregnancy: Carrying on with the theme of creativity, to dream of being pregnant is to dream of being ripe with new, creative, and innovative ideas. It is to be rich and fertile with abundance, joy, happiness, and opportunities for growth for you personally and for your relationship.

Friends and Family: To dream of your friends and family is to dream of a warm and loving home and amicable social life. Your loved ones are important to you, which is reflected in your dreamtime sequences. Their presence is a sign that you have a strong and loyal support group that surrounds you in all that you do.

What we learn from this dream sequencing is that if you open up, communication will balance out any odds or aspects of your relationship which need to be healed in order to bring total harmony to your partnership. Your partnership is very strong with a great future ahead, especially in the way of what you will both cre-ate and manifest together in your journey. This took the form of boy and girl twins in your dream, which is a very beautiful symbol of balance and integrity in your relationship. Now is the time to take into account all of your blessings and cele-brate with family and friends.

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