The 10th House of the Horoscope


The tenth house shows the native's conscious ambitions and the material and physical judgment generally imposed on him/her by the world. It is not the final answer, but it does indicate how the native's life will generally turn out in the eyes of the world. As the conscious goal of the native, the tenth house gathers, solidifies and channels the native's best efforts or the real substance of his/her inner convictions.

Sign of Capricorn. Ruling Planet Saturn.

The house of the native's conscious ambitions.

Zodiac signs in the 10th House of the Horoscope:

When Aries in The 10-th House With Mars, the planet of action, determination, drive and ambition the native's natural energy is directed to the career, and in this area of his/her life the native is not afraid to compete and charge out ahead of the pack. The native is geared to fight for his/her ambitions and a position in the world. He/she will also suffer much severe competition from those above him/her until he/she can force them out of the situation, which he/she needs for him/herself. This is inevitable. This sense of aggressive competition is music to his/her personality. The native is likely to acquire a reputation for dirty fighting.

When Taurus in The 10-th House Venus found in the tenth house inspires artistic leanings in the chosen career. Art, theater, and music are apt to be important parts of the native's social life or public image. This person should also capitalize on his/her personality. He/she should find some way to sell attractiveness (beauty aids), happiness and the comforts that help in this direction. The native should eventually be celebrated as a beauty or beautifier.

When Gemini in The 10-th House There is a possibility of fame through writing. The native must certainly devote a great deal of conscious effort to creative expression that has career recognition possibilities. The Mercury in the tenth house could be in Capricorn, Aquarius or Pisces, any of which is possible as a significant breakthrough that could capture a wide audience. The Capricorn Mercury would be more solid and respectable.

When Cancer in The 10-th House The native is again subject to the filter treatment, which is also evident in the fourth and seventh house positions of the moon. This time the controlling agent is those in command who stand above the native in authority, and this influences the recognition or acknowledgment he/she will receive. This involves the goals and ambitions, which make him/her sensitive to following the dictates of those whom he/she senses will in some way affect his/her outcome. The native is likely to have a good feel on the pulse of public whims and desires.

When Leo in The 10-th House This sign's influence in the tenth house denotes strong professional ambitions. Native takes pride in his/her standing in the world. The Sun rules Leo, and when the Sun has dominance on the Midheaven (tenth house), the ego, executive ability, and leadership potential are all emphasized. Public recognition is all important and native must be sure the ego does not get out of hand. If his/her maintains a proper perspective, he/she is likely to get a position of leadership and authority, and be admired for his/her accomplishments. The native is happiest running his/her own business.

When Virgo in The 10-th House The native's critical faculties are made the object of conscious ambitions. The native is far more selective and self-determined as to exactly what goals he/she will follow and the detailed assignment he/she will accept. The course is for ABSOLUTE PERFECTION in all matters. Such people may prefer to find employment in a large, well-established organization such as civil service, a church, or an educational institution.

When Libra in The 10-th House Libra placed in the tenth house indicates entering a business or a profession with a partner, or any type of project in cooperation with others. The native is usually favored for some degree of success and recognition that relates directly back to the native's charm and personality. This distinction which the native earns may not last forever, but it assures him/her of above-average conditions surrounding his/her ambitions.

When Scorpio in The 10-th House The native places him/herself at the disposal of someone in command or control of a situation who is also committed to instrumenting significant changes. The native does his/her bidding as agent or employee. This person acknowledges others as his/her masters until he/she is able to step forth in some degree of leadership.

When Sagittarius in The 10-th House The native is fortunate in life and receives a degree of distinction and fame, which brings profit and honors. A good deal of travel is likely to be associated with the native's career. He/she may have more than one career in his/her lifetime as it is important for the native continuously to feel a sense of challenge if he/she is to be successful.

When Capricorn in The 10-th House Saturn, ruling Capricorn, is the natural ruler of this house. Saturn's influence here denotes a very strong sense of duty, an attitude of dedication. With this dedication comes a high degree of pressure and responsibility. This position of Saturn ensures that eventually the native will receive some degree of success and recognition for his/her long and heavy labors. The native is deeply ambitious, although he/she is painfully slow about putting these goals into effective operation. One would wonder at times if he/she would ever really make it. The native wants to be almost overly sure of him/herself before the public eye.

When Aquarius in The 10-th House Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius, is the planet of change, freedom, humanity, and rebellion. The native with Uranus in the tenth house may have new and ingenious ideas to present the public. He/she is a team player and function well as a part of the team. The native is also assured of a unique place in life which is in some sense tailor-made for his/her own personality. The native seems obviously destined for the final outcome, which comes suddenly. The native comes under the influence of unusual people who exercise great authority over his/her affairs. The native becomes their follower until he/she eventually invents something on his/her own.

When Pisces in The 10-th House The native is ambitious but not for him/herself alone. He/she hopes for power and influence so that he/she might reveal to others the framework which he/she so devoutly accepts for him/herself. Somehow the native feels the necessity for some position of power and influence in order to reach effectively those he/she wants most. In the beginning this person is drawn to some spiritual leader who opens doors for him/her within him/herself. Eventually the native aspires to do this on his/her own for others. With Neptune ruling the career, there is also a need to be practical. When accessing career choices, the native should avoid a natural tendency to deceive him/herself and become unreasonable.

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