The 11th House of the Horoscope


The eleventh house is the area of honors usually attendant on, or resulting from, tenth-house prominence or judgment. The eleventh is also the house of friendships and hopes and wishes (as opposed to conscious personal goals). The hopes and wishes of the eleventh house are more in the nature of fond desires that are shared and enjoyed in the company of others. People that help the native, friends, connections and influence matters relate to this house.

Sign of Aquarius. Ruling Planet Uranus.

The house of friendships, hopes, and wishes.

Zodiac signs in the 11th House of the Horoscope:

When Aries in The 11-th House The native strives aggressively to defend and protect those who share his/her interests and sympathies. The native will expect and demand that he/she be acknowledged as leader, and then will lend his/her courageous spirit for a common purpose. But until this native has won this point, there will be fights and violent disagreements among the friends he/she has chosen. The native's friendships are probably more important to him/her than own family or the direct objects of his/her romancing. Spirited physical competition with close friends leads to sexual emotions.

When Taurus in The 11-th House The native is ideal as a group organizer or one who is able to gather the dreams of others and give them a practical application. This position makes for social talent on a large scale and a place of affection in the hearts of many friends. Friendships are very close and warm. Time spent with close people is rewarding as the native enjoys visits to art galleries, museums, theaters, or a variety of other pleasurable pursuits.

When Gemini in The 11-th House The Gemini found in this house point at many personal connections. The native is apt to waste his/her best efforts on friends without fully capitalizing on the career possibilities. It would be favorable for house organs and publications that further the aims of special groups, a field of special values or hopes. Such people are not a loner, and they need constant, mentally compatible companionship to be happy and fulfilled.

When Cancer in The 11-th House The eleventh house placement of any key or controlling factor is generally a happy and fortunate pattern. It does require, however, that the native seeks his/her focus or outlet in group associations or by joining with others of sympathetic intent as the most advisable way for him/her to content him/herself. Friendships are never taken lightly. So, there is a very discriminating attitude toward selecting those to whom this native become close.

When Leo in The 11-th House Leo is the sign influencing this house, denoting leadership qualities displayed within groups and organizations. The Leo quality associated with the eleventh house suggests a very deep need for friends and associations. In this setting native displays his/her friendliest and most outgoing demeanor. This native often takes pride in his/her friends and associates, most of whom are socially prestigious. Some may even be rich and famous. The influence of Leo here is not one of dominating friends. Native may tend to draw strength from his/her friends as if they fulfilled a special need in his/her life.

When Virgo in The 11-th House The native is somewhat suspended between the devil and the deep blue sea with too great a possibility of ending up on the losing side. Group objectives are substituted for individual values, and the native joins with others in the service he/she seeks to provide. This is usually a dirty-end-of-the-stick deal, but the native's hopes remain high, even if out of perspective.

When Libra in The 11-th House The native happily identifies with others of similar purpose, and together they program themselves for something they enjoy in common. Not only is the native's life fortunate and happy, but he/she surrounds him/herself with those similarly blessed and together they multiply their luck. Often this sign denotes marriage to a friend of long standing. The native with Libra placed here can identify with all different types of people. This placement also shows a degree of indecisiveness and vacillation in clearly defining and setting goals and objectives.

When Scorpio in The 11-th House The native makes a social, friendly, comradely show of his/her interests and commitments. He/she seeks the sympathetic support of others who share his/her views on a friendly basis. This native will accomplish more, in the disruptive changes to which he/she is drawn, by joining groups. The Scorpio connection here sometimes produces associations with people who are not reliable, those who tend to manipulate and play games, and it may be necessary from time to time, to reflectively evaluation associations, especially if the native gets a position of some authority.

When Sagittarius in The 11-th House The native is favored with influential friends who supply what he/she may lack. This person often tends to obtain the necessary help and support to attain his/her goals. Good luck and good fortune seem associated with this position.

When Capricorn in The 11-th House The Capricorn placed in the eleventh house points on a severely limited number of friends, by the native's own choice, especially in the early part of life. The native sees later in life that he/she must hitch his/her wagon to a group that shares his/her own convictions and ideals and will be able to lend a helping sympathetic hand. At first this is difficult because those in control do not exactly see the native as one of them. It takes many false starts and much hard work to convince others that he/she indeed belongs in the group.

When Aquarius in The 11-th House The native's interests are socialized and he/she expands best when in the congenial company of others who share this person's unusual views. He/she does not wish to be alone, nor does he/she care to personalize his/her ambitions. The native would rather find "his group" and string along with them.

When Pisces in The 11-th House The native seeks others with whom to share his/her hopes, and together they will spread the truth as they see it. The native has transferred his/her inner awareness to a collective unconscious that he/she feels resembles and amplifies his/her own image. Such people as a rule are very generous persons who understands the true meaning of charity. They are very idealistic and maintain a positive attitude toward friends and associations. This is thanks to the rose-colored glasses that they wear, cutting the glare of harsh and unpleasant reality.

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