The 12th House of the Horoscope


The twelfth house is the key to everything that has gone before. It is the accumulated subconscious, which abstracts meaning from the past and builds a foundation into the future. It is the residuum of ultimate values. The twelfth house is the end of the road where we find ourselves after having passed through all the other phases of living. As the end of everything (prior to suggesting a new beginning in another cycle) it holds the secrets of life and the hidden or subconscious motivations of any life that may follow. It also holds the secrets of past lives that may have preceded this one. Obviously, it is the least-understood area of the horoscope and, understandably, the area most frightening to ordinary mortals. It involves prisons, hospitals, and other institutions that would remove one from society.

Sign of Pisces. Ruling Planet Neptune.

Everything that has gone before.

Zodiac signs in the 12th House of the Horoscope:

When Aries in The 12-th House The presence of Aries in the twelfth house shows an active subconscious life. Aries is ruled by the assertiveness of the planet Mars. The natural instrument of forceful action is considerably hampered by being secluded in the house of disappointment, failure and subjective values. The native is drawn to people who are at least temporarily out of commission, behind the eight ball, or in some state of rejection by society. This condition of others (which might be considered some kind of sickness of the moment) is the very thing that turns this native on. If the other person were well, the native wouldn't be attracted.

When Taurus in The 12-th House The affectionate nature is turned toward those less fortunate in our society who may be singularly lacking in the very social assets that the native seems to have. The native is pushed into the background of life's affairs, but this unfortunate position will provide the more secure happiness. It may take him/her some time to appreciate this, however.

When Gemini in The 12-th House There is a turning inward to the subjective and subconscious reasons behind what happens to people. This position is favored for research and technical experiments that probe into unusual conditions and seldom-acknowledged areas of experience. It could also include fiction built around tragedy or the misunderstood people of the world.

When Cancer in The 12-th House The influence of the Moon, ruler of Cancer, causes the native to keep his/her deeper emotions much to him/herself. The native is deeply aware of the background nature and collective unconscious which creates and controls that which is publicly "in the air" at the moment. This may give him/her an air of detachment, reserve and a degree of sadness and mystic quality. The native would naturally gravitate to the background to be available when called as a specialist or consultant.

When Leo in The 12-th House The influence of the power sign, Leo, in this sector of the subconscious, suggests that native is a power behind the scenes. He/she plays a back room maneuvering role in matters. Sometimes, this position shows that dominate executive or leadership traits are hidden and recessive. Often, his/her contributions are not fully appreciated because he/she is never one to blow his/her own horn. The native has a self-sufficiency about him/her that keeps this person from being lonely, even when he/she is completely alone.

When Virgo in The 12-th House The native is guided and influenced by his/her inner conviction, which in this case can lend constructive support to an otherwise overly obedient servant. The pattern here may be likened to the native's capacity for being of help and his/her service being coupled with the forces of fate or destiny, which push or pull this person into an assignment. Virgo is associated with matters of health, and the native may have strong interests in health matters and harbor secret concerns about health issues.

When Libra in The 12-th House The native's favorable situation in life is not nearly so apparent in this position of Venus. In fact by many standards the native may be more often found in generally unfavorable conditions like working around unfortunate people. The necessary lesson in this house is cooperation and the development of a more outgoing personality.

When Scorpio in The 12-th House The native needs no outside confirmations that the course he/she sets for him/herself is correct. The native has deep inner convictions that ultimately his/her position will win out no matter what it may cost individuals like him/herself in the process. Scorpio is a powerful sign on the subconscious level. The native can transform and affect many people by saying and appearing to do little in an obvious way.

When Sagittarius in The 12-th House The native receives secret support from those who stand behind him/her but do not wish to be known publicly or advertised in the usual way. The native's inner convictions are well supported, and he/she frequently has proof of the Tightness of his/her position, even though everyone doesn't truly understand what he/she is trying to accomplish. These people as a rule are secretive about their religious and philosophical convictions, and they tend to keep most of they ideals and thoughts to themselves.

When Capricorn in The 12-th House The native is deeply troubled most of his/her life as to the real nature and influence of his/her inner motivations. This native is deeply aware of these subconscious elements, but he/she doesn't know what to do about them. Generally they just depress him/her and frustrate the native's best efforts to move forward. The Capricorn/Saturn pattern being keyed to material goals is thrown off base when complicated by spiritual considerations. Usually his/her problems stem from some spiritual principle that he/she is well aware of but has somehow overlooked. After many harsh setbacks and crushing defeats (all of which have an inward effect) he/she manages to get his/her wagon back on the track and be off again.

When Aquarius in The 12-th House The native is far more isolated here than other Aquarian types. Basically this person is thrown back exclusively on his/her inner resources, which are the only things that will sustain him/her when he/she needs support. This the native has learned time and time again. His/her inner life is subject to rude shocks and devastating flashes of insight, which all further convince this person that he/she has within himself all that he/she needs to face the strange life he/she leads.

When Pisces in The 12-th House The native is more withdrawn and secretive about him/herself and what he/she wishes to do in life. This native's personality shuns the light, and he/she prefers to work in the background. Recognition is of less importance for what the native does. In many ways he/she is trying to prove to him/herself something that he/she feels from time to time needs nourishment.

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