The 2nd House of the Horoscope


The second house of the horoscope is concerned with the nature of supply and resources. This is the money house in terms of earnings and what the native acquires through his own labors. It deals with the native's sense of values and how he/she views his/her security. Factors associated with the second house may show how the person acquires and how he/she spends material resources. It also includes possessions and so-called portable property.

Sign of Taurus Ruling Planet Venus.

Is concerned with the nature of supply and resources.

Zodiac signs in the 2nd House of the Horoscope:

When Aries in The 2-nd House This part of the native's life is ruled by the aggressive planet Mars. Thus, when it comes to making money, such person can be very assertive and competitive. In fact, the personality works best when directed toward efforts to make money and increase earnings. This is naturally favorable for financial success. The native never stops experimenting with ways to make money for him/herself.

When Taurus in The 2-nd House The native is especially good at adapting his/her personality to moneymaking pursuits, which are generally profitable. Venus, the planet of love ruling the second house suggests a real love of money. The native is good at business affairs because in this area of his/her life, he/she is practical and "down to earth." All in all, this is a very strong moneymaking pattern. The pursuit of profit is uppermost in the orientation of the native's personality.

When Gemini in The 2-nd House With Mercury, the ruling planet of Gemini, controlling the second house of money and possessions, the native expresses an active interest in financial affairs. This person applies his/her clever and critical mind to moneymaking schemes that can result in some fast-talking slick programs, not all of which may be too sound. In any event the native can turn his/her talkative personality into some kind of financial return.

When Cancer in The 2-nd House The native is extremely sensitive to any situation that has profit-making possibilities. The sign Cancer suggests also an emotional quality. The native won't be extravagant, except perhaps when in matters of the home and family. Such people are very adaptable and receptive to the people around them, and they instinctively perceive their needs. He/she should also be able to sense how others could improve their earnings. One might consider professional counseling on such matters.

When Leo in The 2-nd House Leo is the sign of the zodiac that is ruled by the Sun. The Sun denotes the native's self-esteem, so his/her financial condition may have a close association with his/her self-esteem. These people's earning capacity may have a lot to do with their sense of self-worth. The Leo often drives for self-expression strives to accumulate material security. The native tends to make finances his/her major objective to insure his/her security.

When Virgo in The 2-nd House Virgo located her suggests that the native is particular and exacting about money and possessions. He/she earns and accumulates by using his/her mind and attention to detail. Such people often tend to accept those assignments which seem profitable and likely to produce a certain abundance of "supply." The interests are personal and material.

When Libra in The 2-nd House There is usually balance and harmony in material affairs when Libra is the sign on the cusp of the second house. The native is generally fortunate in all money matters, and financial comfort is generally indicated which flows to the native without too much fuss or effort.

When Scorpio in The 2-nd House The native's concentration is on money and resources and how to take them. Under the pattern of the Scorpio/Pluto configuration some means of force may be necessary in order for the native to get what he/she considers should be his/her. On the other hand, despite the native's natural inherent possessiveness, with Pluto ruling the house of finances, there can be some major ups and downs in the native's financial life.

When Sagittarius in The 2-nd House This is a fortunate placement of Jupiter and indicates a certain abundance of resources and the talent for creating materially successful situations. The native should eventually be paid for his/her efforts. As a rule, these people are the most generous persons, willing to share what they have with those in need. The native's attitude toward money is often philosophical. This person's interest in financial matters extends only to taking care of his/her needs and sharing.

When Capricorn in The 2-nd House The native is interested in money and intends to get a fair share of it or know the reason why. He/she invariably does acquire money, although he/she may find it hard to enjoy it. The native's early life is generally marked by a scarcity of resources, while his/her later years may be distinguished by a certain abundance because he/she is loath to part with it or spend it.

When Aquarius in The 2-nd House These people are impersonal about money and possessions, and material factors can never rule their life. The native's finances are chaotic but run in lucky streaks for him/her. He/she is unafraid to take chances financially, and often looks for unusual and inventive ways to invest.

When Pisces in The 2-nd House The native is able to tap unusual resources for his/her source of supply whenever he/she has need of such to help him in his/her dedication. Generally the native should be reluctant to use this power for personal gain. The native should scrutinize financial documents and contracts carefully before he/she signs it, for he/she has a tendency to be a little careless in this regard. It is a gift for social purposes.

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