The 4-th House of the Horoscope

Sign of Cancer. Ruling Planet Moon.
This house points, leads and prompts.

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The fourth house is one of the four angles of the horoscope. These cardinal points, as they are called, are considered leading and prominent. Natives with heavy concentrations of planets in any of the four angular houses are destined to influence their fellow men in some way. The fourth house is a subjective area. It is concerned with the home, basic security, the parental influence (the mother or the parent most motherly), early upbringing, background, heritage, and it describes the general conditions at the end of life.
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w hen Aries in The 4-th House
The native rebels in some way against his/her background and parental authority and general conditions in the home. This person will radically change his/her methods many times. There is a tendency to throw over a good plan in favor of a new approach before the old one has time to prove itself. The native needs a good home situation but will be constantly changing it. There is apt to be considerable uncertainty and self-doubt as to the soundness of his/her own approach, and at the same time the native is against allowing anyone else to decide such matters for him/her. Generally, the fourth house denotes activities in the latter part of life. The natural ruler this sector of the chart is Mars,so the later years of the native will be very active. A more daring and outgoing, even youthful personality emerges as the native grows older.
w hen Taurus in The 4-th House
There is much love for home, family background and a tender relationship with parents. The home life is usually happy, and the native is most expressive around the home or projecting from the home as a base of operations. As a rule the native has strong instincts to provide materially for his/her family. Unless Venus is badly aspected, the influence of Taurus in the fourth house suggests a very pleasant, easygoing home environment.
w hen Gemini in The 4-th House
The native's talents for writing become subjective, and there is much examination of one's background and heritage. This is not a position favorable to individual freedoms, since the native's personality is subjected to parental authority and there is a reluctance and an inability to break free from one's background. The background is favored in this struggle. With the strong influence of Gemini in the latter part of the native's life, many vague ideas that formally floated through his/her mind usually become clarified.
w hen Cancer in The 4-th House
The Cancer influence in the fourth house shows a sentimental side of the native's nature regarding home and family affairs in general. Roots hold an emotional importance to him/her as the native is strongly affected by inherited patterns and responsibilities in life. The native's personality is somewhat dampened by being submitted to parental domination or excessive subjective appraisal. Anything that filters or comes between the native and a direct reception of outside stimuli would be generally undesirable.
w hen Leo in The 4-th House
This sign's influence in the fourth house places a significant emphasis on the home. Pride and ego characterize native's attitude toward his/her home and family. He/she wants home to a castle where for entertaining in grand fashion. He/she has home ownership and wants it to be a show place. Owning a piece of land would give him/her a sense of self-worth. If where native lives is not a reflection of his/her ego, it's likely his/her self-image is low for some reason.
w hen Virgo in The 4-th House
The Virgo influence in the fourth house makes the native fussy and particular around his/her home. The native is more independent and constructive as to the duty assignments he/she will accept, since any and all obligations which he/she assumes must meet rigid standards of subjective perfection. Initially, his/her thinking is strongly influenced by home conditions and parental examples, which eventually give way to subjective inventory and better exploitation of the native's natural background and heritage.
w hen Libra in The 4-th House
The native usually comes from a happy and secure family background, which enables him/her to flower early in life. This is the pattern of the fortunate one who is born into life of beauty, security, happiness and comfort. This person's home is often the balancing point in his/her life. The native need to have his/her abode attractively decorated, and filled with congenial people.

w hen Scorpio in The 4-th House
The native initially rebels against his/her background, which he/she feels does not truly represent him/her. Later he/she formulates programs designed to overthrow existing conditions which this person is against. He/she is more interested in jerking the rug out from under the opposition than in confronting it face-to-face or taking over in its place. In the early home life, such people are often strongly influenced by the parent of the opposite sex. This sign wants a sense of royalty, splendor, and space in the home environment.
w hen Sagittarius in The 4-th House
The native is fortunate in his/her family connections and the obvious richness of his/her background or heritage. The native has many fixed and solid assets to draw upon. He/she is generally fortunate in his/her choice of programs, and most situations at least start out well for him/her, even if they all don't end up exactly as hoped. Jupiter, the planet denoting optimism and expansion, rules this area of the native's chart. This planet as a rule brings a large, even opulent environment.
w hen Capricorn in The 4-th House
The native's early life and background are limited in financial advantages. He/she works hard to correct this and to discipline him/herself to expect less, therefore not to be in want. Parental restrictions are severe in youth and continue in effect into the native's mature years, where he/she finds it hard to break old habits of frugality and doing without.
w hen Aquarius in The 4-th House
The Aquarius influence in the fourth house implies a strong demand for freedom in the affairs of the home. The native has some quality that marks him/her as distinctively different from others, although this may not be immediately apparent. This is far less obvious than when Uranus is in the first house but is perhaps even more explosive and far-reaching in the fourth. The native conceives ingenious methods and techniques with which to tackle his/her objectives. The native learns early in life to adjust to erratic behavior, since his/her parents and home life are so different to begin with. Eccentricity comes naturally to him.
w hen Pisces in The 4-th House
The Pisces placed in the fourth house symbolize an emotional tie to the home and family. The native is well qualified for the role that life provides for him/her. Pisces people are generally led to their work rather than forced to seek it on their own. The native looks within his/her subjective self for the practical applications that will enable him/her to find his/her goals. The native's early upbringing encourages this, and a spirit takes over in later years as a guiding light. There is some unusual condition in and around the home which the native accepts as quite natural but which others might find odd or strange.
a s an initial step in understanding birth-hart you are advised to concentrate first on the meaning of the houses. When you know what affairs a house contains, you should also realize what affairs it does not include.