The 6th House of the Horoscope


The sixth house is the house of responsibility. It represents duty, service, obligations and a sense of indebtedness that either the native owes to others or others owe to him/her. Thus it is the house of servants and employees and also the native's own role as servant or employee. The native's interest in health and fitness matters are also likely to be shown here.

Sign of Virgo. Ruling Planet Mercury.

The house of responsibility.

Zodiac signs in the 6th House of the Horoscope:

When Aries in The 6-th House This position of the Aries shows that the native us a very hard working member of society. Often the native is far more subdued, and spontaneous action is considered a close second to duty and obligation, although the native may get very aggressive on matters relating to certain responsibilities. The native has a talent for being useful, if not to say essential, in serving others.

When Taurus in The 6-th House The native is fortunate in and around his/her place of work. The vocation is attractive or stems from an activity that creates attractive conditions professionally. The native has congenial relationships with those above him/her and below him/her in station. Working conditions are always pleasant. While Taurus is known for perseverance, at times the lazy side may appear. The native may want to rebel against the demands of the job and take life easier if there is any way he/she can.

When Gemini in The 6-th House The native's efforts at writing and self-expression take on a more serious tone and lay great stress on duty, technical matters and elaboration of instructions on organization and "how to" publications, health matters, job instruction manuals, and the techniques of writing.

When Cancer in The 6-th House The Cancer found the sixth house indicates a tendency to become deeply and emotionally involved in work. The native is very responsive to duties and obligations and a sense of service toward responsibilities of public interest. The public, through the obligations which it imposes on the native, generally shapes his/her emotional responses. As a supervisor, such people are as a rule very understanding and concerned about the welfare of their employees.

When Leo in The 6-th House The influence of Leo in the sixth house shows that the native's work is the focus of his/her life. Pride of accomplishment is strongly marked when the Sun rules the sixth house. He/she can lose him/herself completely in work and service. It is natural for such person to want to show off the product of his/her labors. There is a tendency to be domineering over coworkers and subordinates. Objective self-evaluation brings increased energy and vitality.

When Virgo in The 6-th House This location of the Virgo denotes a concern for the body and health issues. Mental stimulation is required if the native are to remain healthy and happy. This is a sound, suitable pattern for work-hungry Virgo, but his/her duties are apt to be more routine, subservient and limited. The native, while generally well qualified for critical tasks, is more content to waste his/her best efforts with background details and let others direct the course of action. In this position of Mercury, Virgo almost prefers it that way. Such people must avoid a tendency to nit-pick and become too analytical.

When Libra in The 6-th House The native happily applies him/herself to the more irksome responsibilities that always prove useful and constructive. The native may be taken advantage of, but he/she seldom seems to mind and it does not sour his/her happy nature. Health problems may arise because of a tendency to consume too much rich, sweet food.

When Scorpio in The 6-th House The influence of Scorpio is the sixth house shows commitment and seriousness about work. The native often becomes intensely involved in his/her job. The native may even devote him/herself to secondary roles that lend support to his/her general sympathies while he/she brings up the rear or supplies the logistics.

When Sagittarius in The 6-th House The Sagittarius if found on the sixth house usually brings a tone of optimism and help to the workplace. The native is fortunate in his/her field of work. The conditions and relations with fellow workers are generally favorable and constructive. There is luck on the job.

When Capricorn in The 6-th House The native is ambitious to find ways in which he/she can serve others and help alleviate the harshness of their daily burdens. He/she insists on doing this through very realistic and practical channels, which may prove even harder on those heshe is trying to help. The native learns something from this, but others tend to feel only the heavy yoke of his/her discipline. As a supervisor, the native is stern in demands and apt to be a disciplinarian. Yet he/she's as hard on him/herself as he/she is on others.

When Aquarius in The 6-th House The native has strange health conditions, habits and daily routines, which suit him/her perfectly but are hard for others to follow or diagnose. There is something unique about the natives' vocation or how he/she goes about it or the eccentricity may be evident among his/her fellow workers. If the native has health problems, they are likely to be related to a high-strung nervous system. Nervousness comes from the pressures of stress so the native should avoid stressful situations.

When Pisces in The 6-th House The native is closely drawn to the conditions of labor connected with our daily routine. Health and the care of the body are of special concern. The native prefers a more humble station in life so he/she can be closer to those who interest him/her. Neptune, the ruler of Pisces, is the planet of dreams, idealism, and vision. In case the native becomes disillusioned with his/her dream and work, his/her health is likely to suffer.

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