The 8th House of the Horoscope


The eighth house represents a point in time or space where some significant transition or mutation takes place. It therefore represents some crisis or catastrophic event or happening, where one form of something stops or dies and another takes over. This can be a form of rebirth or a devastating revelation to the native. It can be triggered by an event or it can come from within. The eighth house is known as the house of death, and it generally describes the nature of the native's death. But it also describes important changes in the native's life and his/her reaction to them.

Sign of Scorpio. Ruling Planet Pluto.

Significant Transition or Mutation.

Zodiac signs in the 8th House of the Horoscope:

When Aries in The 8-th House The native's sex life (with consequent effects on his/her personality development) tends to be unsatisfactory. The secrecy of the eighth house encourages hidden excesses of a sexual nature. The native is capable of rising to tremendous deeds of courage in times of crisis and catastrophe, but most of the time he/she is being in sexual fantasies of a questionable nature. With Aries influencing joint financial affairs, there can be conflict and disagreement about how money should be spent. Aries found in the eight house shows that the native will have the spirit to fight for his/her needs, and to insure his/her security.

When Taurus in The 8-th House The native operates best in dealing with others at a time of crisis or emergency. The native would be especially sensitive to deaths, the problems connected with deaths, or in handling property which is connected with the affairs of the dead. This could also include dealing with antiques, since they are the artifacts of a dead society. Taurus influencing the eighth house also suggests a good head for business and a sense for profitable investments.

When Gemini in The 8-th House The native's views are confined to a very specialized area not usually understood by the public. In many respects the subjects of most interest are those that are considered dead issues or too frightening for ordinary discussion. Science fiction, death, or even pornography as the exploitation of sex are subjects of the eighth house. The native likes to talk and think about such subjects. This person loves a good mystery, and he/she has the kind of mind that can dig to bottom and solve complex problems.

When Cancer in The 8-th House The Cancer being placed in the eighth house denoting an emotional interest in many mysteries of life on a very basic level. The native is considerably freer, in the course of his/her emotional direction. The interests are less personal, being almost wholly consumed with a curiosity about other people's reactions, particularly under stress or in times of extraordinary conditions.

When Leo in The 8-th House The influence of this sign in the eighth house gives a large capacity for the physical side of romance. There is also a much creative energy directed toward business and large scale investments. Money making becomes a game to be enjoyed. In maturity, native has a solid sense of self-worth and a knowledge of how to get what he/she wants out of people and out of life in general. As generous as he/she can be, the native insists on controlling the purse strings of the joint or business finances.

When Virgo in The 8-th House This position of Mercury is also favorable because the native is swept into new opportunities or out of worn-out situations by the tide of circumstances, which is generally an intervention of fate. Since the Virgo personality generally does not sufficiently exercise what control he/she has over duty assignment, here at least fate takes over and sets the course in a progressive and expedient direction. These people can succeed in occupations requiring close attention to detail and investigative skills, such as chemist or psychologist. This sign suggests a restrained or constrained sex life as well.

When Libra in The 8-th House This position of Libra often denotes financial gain through marriage and partnerships. It also represents that the native can get just about everything he/she really wants with a diplomatic approach. The native has hidden resources that are very potent and dramatic when suddenly brought into play during times of emergency or in handling sudden events which tend to sweep ordinary people aside. There is a strong sexual undercurrent which others sense, and the native is able to capitalize on this. This is sometimes crafty but always exhilarating.

When Scorpio in The 8-th House The native enters into secret negotiations or waits until fortuitous events cast him/her into the role meant for him. The native is a bit more aware of the spiritual consequences of his/her commitments and seeks intuitive guidance in these matters. Scorpio on this cusp shows an individual whose needs are powerful and aggressively sought.

When Sagittarius in The 8-th House People with Sagittarius in the eight house as a rule have a natural flare for business and good fortune when it comes to money. The native is lucky in stumbling upon "dead situations" that bring good fortune to him/her. Optimism and high expectations are attributes that serve the native well.

When Capricorn in The 8-th House People with Capricorn in the eight house as a rule have a sense of responsibility regarding money. They do not like to borrow and they don't like being in debt. Such person is naturally reluctant to accept the pressure of the times or the effect of sweeping changes in his/her life. Yet inevitably he/she is swept into and out of situations, and sometimes he/she is required to start again almost from scratch. The native has strong sexual powers (although somewhat hidden and secretive) coupled with some sort of guilt complex which encourages him/her to submit to situations generally intolerable for others.

When Aquarius in The 8-th House The native is suddenly swept into situations that initiate fundamental changes in his/her views (which aren't too stable or consistent anyway). On the whole these new circumstances are unique and surprise even the native, who is usually prepared for almost anything in life. The native has strange secret habits that are for him a source of inspiration and revitalization.

When Pisces in The 8-th House The native is drawn to unusual states of consciousness where the spirit is felt on occasion to leave the body and contact other levels of consciousness. This is hard for others who are not keyed to the realities that Pisces knows to understand or accept. The native has hidden talents that even he/she is not aware of, except in times of emergency when he/she is able to perform functions or rise to states of consciousness which he/she never anticipated. The native has an other-worldly attitude, which is perhaps more irregular and unusual than other Neptune positions. The power of sexuality is a potent force for the native. The nature of Pisces is compassion, and in a material sense, the native is likely to be called on to meet obligations and responsibilities to satisfy his/her inner needs.

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