The 9-th House of the Horoscope

Sign of Sagittarius. Ruling Planet Jupiter.
The house of higher learning. Principles.

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The ninth house is the house of higher learning. It represents the point at which many thoughts are gathered together and codified into one cause or principle. Thus laws and religions and philosophies are created, as well as all sorts of principles, which in essence represent the thinking of many minds. If the third house is the individual mind, the ninth house is the collective mind after it has been organized. Also associated with the ninth are journeys to far off places and searches for new horizons, both physically and mentally.
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w hen Aries in The 9-th House
The native must travel far from his/her initial beginnings in order to find him/herself. There is a tendency to devote oneself to causes and principles that at the same time lend themselves to violence and revolt. The native would be naturally drawn to violent movements or strongly controversial positions—in fact, this is the only kind of principle that turns his/her personality on. This position indicates much foreign travel and restless adventures, which should be encouraged to bring out the best in the native's personality.
w hen Taurus in The 9-th House
The native is affectionately disposed toward travel, foreigners, foreign countries and products of foreign countries. Anything in sharp contrast to the native's own birth origins or background or original mode of thinking is foreign to him/her. The Taurus influence on this house suggests an approach to religious and philosophical issues that is steeped in traditional values. The native is happiest (and TAURUS PERSONALITIES NEED TO FEEL HAPPY) when associated with some cause, law, religion, educational pursuit or publishing enterprise.
w hen Gemini in The 9-th House
The thoughts are channeled in far more serious areas such as law, higher education, religion, philosophy, publishing, travel, history, promotion for its own sake, advertising and more serious literary pursuits. Such person especially enjoys travel mostly for sake of meeting and observing different people and places. He/she can hold his/her own mentally in most crowds.
w hen Cancer in The 9-th House
As the Moon rules Cancer, the emotional impulses of the Moon are felt in affairs of publicity and promotion, and personal recognition for the native. The native considers him/herself a spearhead or advance publicity agent for some particular code or form of thinking that has much tradition or sense of historical buildup behind it. The native in this sense is not alone in his/her beliefs since he/she emotionally ties him/herself to a tradition or principles that have the force of law or religion.
w hen Leo in The 9-th House
The influence of this sign positioned on the ninth house cusp is shown in the pride and confidence native takes in his/her ideas. The Sun rules Leo focusing this as the area of greatest vitality in the native's chart. Energies are consolidated in the affairs of this house denoting a love of these more profound matters. Travels of long duration may be his/her favorite form of recreation. Travel can become as much a necessity as food or drink. Native's quest for education may be insatiable, and many with this influence become "professional students."
w hen Virgo in The 9-th House
With the Virgo in the ninth house the native is a person whose pragmatism rules the view on major issues, including religion and philosophy. The native is rather fixed in his/her direction, which adjusts itself to a course already set up and determined by others who have gone before him/her on the same principles. The native takes up where others have left off. The principles being followed have the force of law or religion for the native. There is also a tendency to fight change and maintain the status quo.

w hen Libra in The 9-th House
The rulership of Venus over the ninth house denotes a considerable appreciation for education, travel, law and philosophy, the issues related to this sector of the chart. The native is interested in teaching and converting others to the principles and laws that he/she believes in and that more or less follow established traditions. The native feels caught up in a sense of history, which adds to his/her own stature and impresses others.
w hen Scorpio in The 9-th House
The person with the Scorpio in the ninth house possesses a strong interest in abstract ideas and studying the many mysteries of life. Such native aligns him/herself with a movement or principle that has already been established and has some precedence or code of behavior which the native accepts as law or religion. At the same time his/her intellectual code may be at complete variance with other codes, which it tries to undermine or change. Although it is a bit out of style these days, traveling by sea should have a special appeal for such people.
w hen Sagittarius in The 9-th House
The native makes fortunate contacts with institutions of higher learning or organizations that publish the same principles in which he/she believes. Such people often possess a farseeing outlook and a broad-minded nature.
w hen Capricorn in The 9-th House
Saturn ruling the ninth house implies responsibility associated with publicity or recognition. This is a favorable pattern in that the native's disciplines are keyed to established beliefs or principles. The native submits him/herself to doing work in connection with building up and filling in the needed support for the points in the system that have fallen by the way or been lost sight of in the shuffle.
w hen Aquarius in The 9-th House
The native is attracted to strange cults and long- forgotten beliefs. His/her beliefs, which are anything but standard, may seem crazy to some people. The native is well advised to remove him/herself far from his/her native background in order to be among friends who will appreciate him/her. Much of the way the native's view life is modern and sometimes even advanced.
w hen Pisces in The 9-th House
Neptune, the ruling planet of Pisces, is the altruistic planet. This planet placed in the ninth house produces a philosophical attitude that's idealistic and visionary. The native is drawn to codified thinking that has been formulated by others who share his/her views. The reaction is more mental and the native sees life as more of an intellectual challenge than a physical struggle. The native can acutely sense history as though he were living it.
a s an initial step in understanding birth-hart you are advised to concentrate first on the meaning of the houses. When you know what affairs a house contains, you should also realize what affairs it does not include.