䷬ Cui

Cui I Ching Gua Meaning

萃 Cui ䷬ hexagram meanings:

Bringing Together, Assembling, Gathering Together, Massing

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The forty-fifth gua, Cui, originally denoted thick bundles of grasses. This definition expanded from this to signal the collection of things. This gua has been referred to as Bringing Together, gathering together, and massing. It represents the eighth month of the lunar year or September in the solar calendar. Encounters bring people together, which is represented in Cui. It Signifies a purposeful gathering of people, perhaps brought together for a specific purpose. This gua represents the responsibility of leadership to bring people together and build a large community. The success of this undertaking relies on a strong relationship between a king and his minister. If their relationship is strong and they can successfully unite people, then this gua can signify a prosperous time for the entire country.

The ideograph representing Cui contains two parts. The top of the ideograph depicts two grass bundles. Underneath these is the ideograph for zu, which provides sound to the character. This ideograph resembles a garment of clothing hung with two pieces of a girdle. Zu presently means soldier, but once meant a servant (particularly one designated to clothes making). The structure of the ideograph shows the careful thought and precise assembly that clothes making requires. The two pieces of the whole ideograph depict the two meanings of Cui: To gather bundles of grass or bring many people together.

Cui is Lake above Earth. Lake demonstrates the power of accumulated water and symbolizes the power of bringing people together. Unlike the eighth gua, Bi or Union, Cui represents a much larger gathering of people. Bi suggests a small community or neighborhood while Cui implies a community as large as a nation. This is why Cui considers the relationship between a king and his minister. It is in their power alone to bring such a large community together. Each smaller community has likely already established a sense of identity, but they must learn to exist in union with many other communities to form a nation. Only a great leader and minister can effectively cultivate the conditions necessary to bring a nation together. If they follow King Wen’s example, they are sure to experience prosperity.

King Wen eliminated evil and encountered good so he could gather people to protect their kingdom. He communicated this to the people by performing an animal sacrifice to honor Heaven and the ancestors. This gathering brought good fortune to the kingdom and allowed for the unification of his people. After he rid the land of negative forces, the kingdom experienced harmony. This was only possible once King Wen brought everyone together. Cui teaches us that people must be able to trust their leader before they will work together for the benefit of the kingdom. And so the King and his minister must follow this example and empower togetherness.

䷬ Cui hexagram

Cui ䷬ Cui hexagram Illustration

䷬ Cui hexagram meaning

Gathering points to success:
The king sits in his court.
This is the moment
When a capable man could appear,
Bringing success and good luck.
A grand sacrifice brings favor
And a good future. 

Bottom Line

Cui Bottom Line Illustration

Bottom Line meaning

With no proper quarters provided,
The war prisoners protested loudly.
Crowded and dirty, they shouted for help.
They simmered down and were happy
When they were housed in a big room.
There seemed no need to worry,
For they would not make trouble.   

Line Two

Cui Line Two Illustration

Line Two meaning

A run of good luck continued,
And no mistakes were made.
The prisoners could be prepared
As the sacrifice for the summer ritual.

Line Three

Cui Line Three Illustration

Line Three meaning

There is no good fortune
In gathering to complain.
Although it’s not wrong to go ahead,
There will be a bit of trouble.

Line Four

Cui Line Four Illustration

Line Four meaning

It is extremely auspicious
And no mistakes were made.

Line Five

Cui Line Five Illustration

Line Five meaning

They gather together and take their own seats.
It’s good that no errors were made,
And no one will be captured by their foes.
So it was predicted from the start,
So all worries are gone.

Top Line

Cui Top Line Illustration

Top Line meaning

Sighing and tears running down his cheeks,
But nothing bad has happened.

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