䷍ Da You

Da You I Ching Gua Meaning

大有 Da You ䷍ hexagram meanings:

Great Harvest, Abundance, Possession in Great Measure, the Light of a Harvest

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The fourteenth gua, Da You, means great harvest and is the inverse of Tong Ren. Da You is associated with the fifth month of the lunar year or June in the solar calendar. After harmony is sought, a plentiful harvest should follow. This relationship can also go the other way, a great harvest may lead to people seeking harmony with each other. They are perfect complements of each other for this reason. The Chinese character da translates to great while the character you translates to possession. Together, this can be literally translated to great possession, yet the second meaning of you—harvest—suggests not a possession but a harvest. In fact, Da You advises against taking possessions in this situation. So the act of harvesting makes the most sense for this gua. You once translated to “not appropriate to possess.”

The ideograph representing Da You depicts a person standing with their arms and legs spread open. This human is meant to represent greatness with their outstretched limbs. The ideograph also includes an image of a hand with three fingers opened to grasp the moon illustrated below. This image reflects the idea that taking other’s possessions is wrong, just as eclipses take away the moon and leave the earth in darkness. Later, you’s meaning morphed into its simpler version “possess” and the meaning of the ideograph followed.

Da You is represented by the image of Fire above Heaven, or the sun shining down on the earth from the sky. The sun beams down and shines light upon all the beings of Earth. Da You is an image of abundance and prosperity. The fourteenth gua indicates that the time for a grand harvest is here, whether that means a literal harvest or a metaphorical one. As Tong Ren’s inverse, Da You extends the meaning of the thirteenth gua by showing the beneficial results of seeking harmony. By seeking harmony with others, a great harvest was achieved. However, Da You warns against becoming too prideful in this situation. The I Ching reminds us to remember the past and maintain balance in times of good or bad fortune.

The fourteenth gua reflects the part of King Wen’s story where he is working together with the Tyrant of Shang. Remembering his end goal of overthrowing the tyrant, he graciously accepted the awards that followed the victory over the Rong clan. However, he made sure not to take too much from the feast they shared, for he did not want to bring bad fortune upon himself. This reflects the original meaning of you, reminding one not to take possessions that do not belong to them. Da You reminds us to be humble, and not to let pride get in the way. This gua reminds us not to take more than our share of the great harvest or to become proud of this success. It is one thing to celebrate good fortune, but another to let it corrupt you.

䷍ Da You hexagram

Da You ䷍ Da You hexagram Illustration

䷍ Da You hexagram meaning

A good harvest starts a good year.
You have all you need in abundance.

Bottom Line

Da You Bottom Line Illustration

Bottom Line meaning

Old grudges poison the root of the plant.
The poisoned plant yields disastrous fruit.
Grievance abandoned makes a healthy harvest.

Line Two

Da You Line Two Illustration

Line Two meaning

A big wagon has room for
The tools of success,
And makes the road seem smooth.

Line Three

Da You Line Three Illustration

Line Three meaning

The noble wealthy can share their harvest
And suffer no want.
The common man is more constrained.

Line Four

Da You Line Four Illustration

Line Four meaning

The drums announcing good harvest
Can be confused with the drums of war,
But it is not too late to prepare.

Line Five

Da You Line Five Illustration

Line Five meaning

The prisoners of war
Were no more a threat,
But the victors bound them out of pride
And a feeling of good omen.

Top Line

Da You Top Line Illustration

Top Line meaning

Heaven offers it blessings to all.
They are there to be received.
We can be hopeful.

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