䷹ Dui

Dui I Ching Gua Meaning

兌 Dui ䷹ hexagram meanings:

Joyful, Exchange, The Joyous, Lake, Joy

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The fifty-eighth gua, Dui, translates to speaking with joy or giving and receiving. In this definition, the act of giving and receiving is associated with joy in this definition because this type of exchange brings joy to people. It is another of the eight primary gua and represents the Autumn Equinox. It is the inverse of Xun, representing the joy that results from proceeding humbly. Unlike the humility of Xun, Dui encourages one to celebrate in their joy. Happiness is contagious and spreads from person to person. If one person is happy, they can make others happy and cultivate harmonious relationships. When one approaches all people with a friendly disposition, they encourage this behavior in others. A community can experience peacefulness within itself the more Dui’s energy is present.

The ideograph representing Dui depicts a person singing and dancing as an expression of joyousness. It is a three-part ideograph, the middle of which includes a singing mouth. The upper two parts of the ideograph show two hands waving with joy. The person illustrated in this ideograph is celebratory, yet maintains inner sincerity and honesty. Dui teaches us to deal with fellow human beings in a gentle and joyful manner. The other person is likely to respond in a similar fashion when this is the case. Dui also warns one not to lose too much firmness. Fawning or flattering leaves one vulnerable to manipulation. The fifty-eighth gua reminds one to remain firm, yet joyful in life to encourage prosperity.

Dui is Lake above Lake, and Lake represents joy. When Lake is doubled, joy doubles in response. Lake actually represents something closer to a marsh or swamp in the Chinese language. For the Chinese, rice has been a staple crop for thousands of years, and rice can only grow in rice paddies or marshes. Where there are marshes or other bodies of water, there is fertile ground for growing crops. Having ideal conditions for crops yields a plentiful harvest and much joy in the community. This represents the joy experienced through the giving and receiving of the harvest.

Another thing that King Wen considered in his meditative state was Dui. In addition to proceeding along one’s life journey humbly, they should express joy. He discovered that as one builds a sense of inner harmony and peace, they tend to attract good fortune. The give and take nature of joy is represented in how our attitudes affect the attitudes of others. When we approach others with a cheerful demeanor, they are more likely to be cheerful to us in return. If one approaches every person they meet in a day with a happy disposition, they will have done their part to spread joyfulness. Dui encourages every person to express joy in their life journey because it brings joy to others and is an essential part of fostering harmonious relationships.

䷹ Dui hexagram

Dui ䷹ Dui hexagram Illustration

䷹ Dui hexagram meaning

A cheerful attitude
Helps life go well
And makes the future bright.

Bottom Line

Dui Bottom Line Illustration

Bottom Line meaning

Peace and good cheer
Bring good luck.

Line Two

Dui Line Two Illustration

Line Two meaning

Fortune smiles 
On a cheerful mood,
Worries disappear.

Line Three

Dui Line Three Illustration

Line Three meaning

When rumors and gossip
Pervade the town
The atmosphere is grim.

Line Four

Dui Line Four Illustration

Line Four meaning

Cheerful barter
Led to no deal,
But success 
Will eventually come.
Good will stayed strong
Despite a tiny mistake.

Line Five

Dui Line Five Illustration

Line Five meaning

When the seed’s shell crumbles,
Its protection is lost
And there will be a danger.

Top Line

Dui Top Line Illustration

Top Line meaning

Guide people to cheerful joy.

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