䷶ Feng

Feng I Ching Gua Meaning

豐 Feng ䷶ hexagram meanings:

Abundance, Fullness, Full, Plentiful, Flourishing

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The fifty-fifth gua, Feng, translates to Abundance, full, or plentiful. It is associated with the sixth month of the lunar year, or July in the solar calendar. This gua indicates a time of abundance, perhaps an exceptional harvest year befell the kingdom and there is much food to circulate. Unfortunately, the I Ching reminds us that after a rise, there comes a fall. After one experiences abundance, they are likely to experience a decline. Feng warns that one should remain cautious in times of abundance to avoid excess. Living in excess enables people to neglect the law of cause and effect and breed disharmony throughout the community. Abundance is meant to be shared with everyone, and abundance that is hoarded or withheld from people is sure to accelerate the impending decline. On the other hand, this decline can be slowed if one is cautious and remembers the wisdom of Feng.

The ideograph representing Feng depicts flourishing beans to symbolize abundance. The lower part of the ideograph is a vessel for cooking. The upper part illustrates the leaves and stems of beans. Together, they are an image of plenty. This ideograph expresses that there are plenty of beans to cook, and therefore an abundance of food for people to eat. It is important not to let an abundance of food breed laziness in the kingdom. If this happens, a famine could fall upon the people due to a poor harvest season. Additionally, when one lives in excess and ease, they forget how to work hard and will suffer in times of drought.

Feng is Thunder above Fire. Thunder is taking action, while Fire represents the lightning in a thunderstorm. Thunder and lightning carry an abundance of energy, they are an impressive display of natural force and power. Feng’s structure signifies a time for abundance and greatness. Like a thunderstorm, it is an impressive force but it cannot last long. Abundance should not lead to excess, it should be treasured while and utilized well while it exists. After a thunderstorm is an ominous silence—after abundance is a decline. How injurious this decline depends on how one approaches the situation at hand.

As King Wen sat in stillness he meditated. During his meditation, he realized that this time of abundance would not last. He realized he needed to share this abundance with the people immediately. There is little time in the day, and a small window of time to enjoy abundance before it expires or becomes excess. The Shang dynasty hid its wealth and abundance from the people. The tyrant did not care for his subjects and let them suffer in poverty. By hoarding his abundance, destiny brought him misfortune in the form of revolution. King Wen refused to let this same mistake occur in his kingdom.

䷶ Feng hexagram

Feng ䷶ Feng hexagram Illustration

䷶ Feng hexagram meaning

The grand ceremony of sacrifice,
Showing the kingdom’s riches,
Will be led by the king himself,
There is no need for worry.
And noon is the perfect start time. 

Bottom Line

Feng Bottom Line Illustration

Bottom Line meaning

You encountered the chieftain
Of a rich and powerful tribe.
Your problems will evaporate
Inside a ten-day span,
And you will receive a reward. 

Line Two

Feng Line Two Illustration

Line Two meaning

The sun at noon was just a faint ring,
And the Big Dipper shone overhead.
You were suspicious,
But an annular eclipse
Is a lucky portent indeed.

Line Three

Feng Line Three Illustration

Line Three meaning

The sunlight winked out at high noon,
The eclipse had made it dim.
You broke your right arm in the dark,
Which didn’t threaten your life.

Line Four

Feng Line Four Illustration

Line Four meaning

With the moon blocking light from the sun,
The Big Dipper sparkled above.
It worked out for you,
Who met the Yi tribe chieftain.

Line Five

Feng Line Five Illustration

Line Five meaning

The moon passed on, the light returned,
And all rejoiced and clapped,
For an eclipse is a lucky sign.

Top Line

Feng Top Line Illustration

Top Line meaning

There is the spacious house,
With its grand and solid roof.
Peeping inside, you find it quiet,
And utterly deserted.
Only the wind rattled the doors
During all the last three years.
This is an ominous sign.

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