䷟ Heng

Heng I Ching Gua Meaning

恆 Heng ䷟ hexagram meanings:

Long-Lasting, Enduring, Duration, The Long enduring

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The thirty-second gua, Heng, translates to Long-Lasting, persistence, perseverance, enduring, or duration. Heng is the inverse of Xian and is associated with the seventh month of the lunar calendar (August in the solar calendar). If Xian is young love, then Heng is an old married couple. Together, these two gua form the introduction to the Lower Canon. Heng represents the everlasting reciprocal relationship between Heaven and Earth through a long-term union of a man and a woman. This gua reminds us that marriage requires unselfishness, sincerity, and pure intention, just as any other long-lasting relationship does.

The ideograph representing Heng depicts the two shores of a river. In the river are three people sailing a boat, and a heart. In these times, crossing a river was challenging. When people needed to sail across they needed to work in complete cooperation as if led by a single heart. Just as spouses must approach difficult times as one unit. An older couple has experience with the ups and downs of marriage and understands that they must work together as one heart. The heart in this ideograph also represents the everlasting nature of this relationship. When they work together as one, great progress and love are possible.

Heng is Thunder above Wind, representing the eldest son and eldest daughter. This symbolizes the older married couple. Thunder is strong and active, representing the working partner. Wind is also active but it conveys a sense of gentleness and inner responsibility. This represents the partner who takes care of the home. Thunder and wind move as one during a storm, crossing the sky as a united force. Heng reminds one to walk along the central, or correct path to bring prosperity. Thunder is the eldest son and stands above Wind, indicating that the husband should take initiative while the wife should be subordinate. This is the relationship dynamic typical of the time period. All marriages should have this aspect of balance, working together toward the same goals with a balanced distribution of responsibility.

Heng teaches that seeking relationships with a pure heart is the way to bring prosperity and balance into one’s life. King Wen encouraged people to seek long-lasting relationships with each other. By doing so, he hoped to unite them and give them a constant sense of purpose. This would bring stability to society, allowing for prosperous times. The thirty-second gua states that doing something with long-lasting effects is sure to end in success, but only if it is done with dedication and virtue. If one seeks long-lasting relationships for selfish reasons, the other person is likely to reject them or fall into an abusive relationship. The union between two people is sacred and should not be taken for granted in such a way. Heng refers to our most important relationships, reminding us not to take advantage of them. This is the way to build a harmonious life according to the I Ching.

䷟ Heng hexagram

Heng ䷟ Heng hexagram Illustration

䷟ Heng hexagram meaning

A long stretch of time
With no mistakes
Gives you the audacity
To write your own future
And move ahead.

Bottom Line

Heng Bottom Line Illustration

Bottom Line meaning

Endless demands,
Taking without giving,
Will earn you ill fortune.

Line Two

Heng Line Two Illustration

Line Two meaning

Like owls in the morning sun,
Regrets have disappeared.

Line Three

Heng Line Three Illustration

Line Three meaning

Act the immodest fool
And you will be rightly mocked
For shambling down the wrong path.

Line Four

Heng Line Four Illustration

Line Four meaning

A field stripped bare,
Desolate, empty,
And uncared for
Cannot care for you.

Line Five

Heng Line Five Illustration

Line Five meaning

In truth It is easier to predict 
A man’s bold intentions
Than a woman’s clever intuitions.

Top Line

Heng Top Line Illustration

Top Line meaning

Ever grasping, ever wanting
Brings you certain peril.

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